G2 Recognizes Indicative as Customer Analytics Leader for Winter 2021

Interface redesign and 2020 revenue growth highlight best-ever performance from Customer Analytics company

Indicative, a leading Customer Analytics software company, is pleased to announce its inclusion as a leader in the G2 Grid for Customer Journey Analytics in the company’s Winter 2021 report. Over the last 12 months, Indicative redesigned its platform and onboarded new customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies in industries such as telecommunications, health & wellness, e-commerce, education, and finance. These new opportunities propelled Indicative to double its annual recurring revenue and the size of its staff within the last year and to become the first Customer Analytics platform available in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

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“Despite the many challenges businesses faced in 2020, Indicative managed to grow faster than ever,” said CEO Jeremy Levy. “As Indicative customers and prospects moved their operations remote, Indicative provided the power for product management and growth marketing teams to better understand their customers and adapt to user behavior. Indicative helps to ensure data confidence by connecting directly to a company’s cloud data warehouse, providing the entire organization access to data from a single source of truth.”

Preparing for a future wherein every company doing business online utilizes a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery, this year Indicative became the first Customer Analytics company approved for sale in the Google Cloud Marketplace. Indicative’s inclusion in the Google Cloud Marketplace means users of Google’s cloud storage products can begin using Indicative without reconfiguring their storage or network settings.

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In May, Indicative also redesigned its Customer Analytics platform, significantly improving the user experience and enabling non-technical users to follow customer journeys across every touchpoint of a digital product. Designed to assist product and marketing teams, Indicative democratizes analytics within an organization by connecting directly to a company’s data source and not requiring technical knowledge or SQL.

Levy joined Product School CEO Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia for a Fireside Chat in October, where he made the case to aspiring product leaders that customer analysis is the key to building a successful product. Recognizing the value Indicative brings to product managers, Product School nominated the company for a 2020 Proddy Award in the ‘Analytics’ category.

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