Havas Edge Leads the Way to the Future of Media Automation

Utilizing PremiumMedia360, Havas Edge Now Offers an Easy to Establish 2-Way Data Relationship with Its Television Media Partners

Havas Edge announced the launch of a major addition to its media infrastructure for more seamless data communication with its TV vendors and third-party data partners. By implementing cutting edge software by media data hub company PremiumMedia360 (“PM360”), Havas Edge can now automate 2-way data flow for all transactional, planning and targeting data.

Havas Edge Leads the Way to the Future of Media Automation
Walker Burl

“We are excited about this progressive step in automation. Now, instead of spending time obtaining and managing data, we are able to automate this process and have actionable results faster than ever before,” says Walker Burl, Director of Short Form Media Operations at Havas Edge. “We are now processing over 250k television media transactions a month through PM360’s cloud-based platform, and can make media decisions faster than someone who is using a semi-automated or manual system.”

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Over the next 90 days Havas Edge will be asking media partners to move forward with delivering their data through PM360, adds Burl, “Fortunately, the PM360 platform handles all the data mapping and has an easy to establish API connection that will save time and transaction costs for both media partners and Havas Edge.”

Havas Edge Leads the Way to the Future of Media Automation
John Bowser

“The PremiumMedia360 Smart Data Hub is ready today to connect to any TV media company that wants to work with Havas Edge in this next generation data flow,” adds John Bowser, CEO of PremiumMedia360. “The platform offers an always-on, 2-way data relationship to all participants. Set-up can take as little as 30 minutes and there is no software program for media companies or 3rd party suppliers to learn or install, and all reformatting of data is completed en route in an encrypted environment before reaching the intended recipient.”

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