Insights and Analytics – Sublime Expands its Research and Analytics Solutions for Brands

Sublime, part of Azerion Group, and creative advertising solutions specialist, announce the expansion of its services with a full new suite of Insights and Analytics capabilities as well the creation of a dedicated department.

As digital advertising is focused on standard KPIs to measure the performance of display and video campaigns, advertising studies are able to answer advertisers’ main questions: “What is the impact of my digital campaign on the perception of my brand?”, “does my campaign contribute to my long-term brand equity?”, “how does my product image translate to my consumers?”, “how is my brand positioned against my competitors?”, “how do my video assets generate attention and consideration from my key targeted audiences?”

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To face the growing demand, Sublime has decided to extend its catalogue of studies to a 360° offer that measures the impact of a brand and its creative assets at any time during the digital media planning & strategy. Thanks to competitive environment and brand image studies, advertisers now have the opportunity to understand their positioning and that of their products before launching their ad campaign. This new offer goes hand in hand with creative pre-testing, which can be used to measure the attention and emotion generated by video content or to evaluate the effect of advertising creative on the intents of the brand’s key audiences. This catalogue also includes post-campaign studies to better fathom the overall impact of the campaign on the advertiser’s branding indicators. This comprehensive catalogue has been founded upon cookieless methodologies as an  anticipation of the end of third-party cookies.

With over a hundred studies already carried out, Sublime has created a department dedicated to the delivery of these insights with project managers and analysts who assist in the designing and launching of the studies guaranteeing full  success of brands’ campaigns based on the specific needs of advertisers.

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