Lasso Introduces Lasso Triggers™ And Dynamically Refreshed Audiences

Lasso (, the world’s first and only omnichannel platform for healthcare marketing and analytics, today announced the release of two new products, Lasso Triggers™ and Dynamic Audience Refresh. Combined, these capabilities significantly improve engagement and media efficiency for marketers within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Lasso Triggers is the next generation of sequential messaging. While most existing solutions only support basic creative rotation, Lasso empowers marketers to deliver behavior-triggered sequential messaging across all channels, including banner, video, audio, CTV, email, and social media. The product is also highly unique in that it allows marketers to develop fully customized logic for their messaging sequences based on deterministic data and specific user actions. For instance, marketers can now trigger email deployments or social tactics based on programmatic views, clicks, or a combination of both. They can also launch programmatic or social campaigns based on email opens, clicks, or ignores. The flexibility and automated nature of this product takes any brand’s “next best action” initiative to an entirely new level.

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Dynamic Audience Refresh, which automatically updates custom Rx and Dx audience segments on a weekly basis with the latest clinical data, works in concert with Lasso Triggers to ensure the right HCP or consumer sees the appropriate message in the right channel at the right time. This allows marketers to place any new target audience member into highly-tailored messaging sequences without any of the heavy lifting that’s usually required, saving valuable time and driving unparalleled campaign performance.

Lasso also gives marketers the ability to optimize their message sequences mid-flight by leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive daily physician-level reporting. Media planners and buyers now have all the data they need to ensure no stone goes unturned and that every campaign tells a coherent story across channels. These insights, along with the custom logic of Lasso Triggers, all but guarantees HCP and consumer engagement with a brand’s message.

“COVID-19 has kept pharmaceutical sales teams from their target physician offices, which means healthcare and pharma advertising investments need to work harder and smarter to deliver a brand’s desired business outcome. Sequential messaging is critical in this journey, but the existing solutions out there leave a lot to be desired in that they deploy simple timing criteria, operate only in a single channel, or are based largely on stale aggregated data. We built Lasso Triggers to provide healthcare marketers with a dynamic solution, one that enables messaging when and where your target audience is most willing to engage by understanding behavior and context, such as ‘my ideal HCP clicked on this banner, time to trigger an email explaining why our blood pressure medication is more effective’,” said Greg Field, Chief Executive Officer, Lasso.

“Lasso Triggers enables the dynamic targeting of HCP diagnostic and prescription-based behaviors, which is critical when it comes to intelligently engaging HCPs in a very crowded and competitive marketplace,” said Jacob Lustig, Vice President, Biddable & Innovations, Klick Health. “We can evaluate which targeted physicians have seen an ad, on which screen or device, and in doing so we can provide our life sciences clients with greater targeting efficiency, return on investment, and new patient starts.”

Marketing Technology News: Bisees Information Systems Partners with Google Cloud to Provide a Revolutionary Business Data…

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