LogRocket Launches “LogRocket Mobile,” Empowering Software Teams to Deliver Ideal Native Mobile Product Experiences

Organizations adopt LogRocket’s best-in-class Digital Experience Analytics platform to confidently and quickly improve both native mobile and web product experiences.

-Company now monitors more than 1,000,000 mobile sessions per month after doubling its native mobile customer base.

LogRocket, makers of the best-in-class Digital Experience Analytics platform that allows customers to narrow in on the most important issues affecting customer experience in just minutes, today announced the general availability of LogRocket Mobile to help organizations rapidly improve their users’ experience on native mobile products. LogRocket Mobile extends the company’s industry-leading capabilities for monitoring and resolving issues associated with an organization’s web experiences. It is the only tool in the market for mobile apps that combines non-screenshot-based session replay with performance monitoring and product analytics. This unique approach enables product teams to deliver ideal mobile product experiences, while dramatically accelerating time to resolution.

“Mobile app development and usage has surged over the last few years, but the technology needed to monitor, track, and analyze issues to make the experience seamless for consumers hasn’t kept up. It’s also important to note that the mobile experience is different from an organization’s website, and it has to be treated as such,” said Matt Arbesfeld, LogRocket co-founder and CEO. “Historically, mobile app monitoring solutions have focused on bug reporting and alerting. By combining session replay with performance monitoring and app analytics, LogRocket Mobile empowers product and software teams to deliver an ideal mobile experience almost instantly with minimal effort, which mitigates the potential loss of customer users.”

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“By combining session replay with performance monitoring and app analytics, LogRocket Mobile empowers product and software teams to deliver an ideal mobile experience almost instantly with minimal effort,” said says Matt Arbesfeld, LogRocket CEO.

LogRocket Mobile Unlocks Combined Power of Analytics and Performance Monitoring

Six years ago, LogRocket set out to build the ultimate tool for frontend web debugging. Based on its incredible traction, the company recognized the enormous demand to add a mobile-specific solution. LogRocket Mobile has grown to monitor over 1,000,000 mobile sessions per month since the product’s limited beta release in November, and adoption continues to accelerate. In fact, the company is currently doubling native mobile customers month-over-month.

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LogRocket Mobile capabilities include:

  • Session replay: LogRocket Mobile is the only tool that delivers non-screenshot-based, high-fidelity, and secure session replay that won’t impact the performance of your mobile application. When a user reports a problem, LogRocket shows you a smooth, pixel-perfect video session replay of exactly what they saw, alongside network and console logs, JavaScript errors, and application state to understand what went wrong.
  • Performance Monitoring: LogRocket enables software teams to monitor frontend performance and correlate it with business impact and user experience. Using LogRocket’s technical telemetry, teams can easily monitor performance to include page load times, CPU/memory usage, track errors, browser crashes, network requests and responses, performance data, and UX issues in every session. It also provides deep integrations with libraries like React Native, React, and Redux, and with backend tools like DataDog and Splunk, allowing for a quick and easy understanding of why a problem occurred.
  • Powerful product analytics: LogRocket offers powerful data and analytics tools that yield deeper insights into the user experience and allow for a proactive understanding of issues and their impact on users. In addition to helping software teams quickly solve user-reported issues, LogRocket also surfaces those things that go unreported – both technical and UX related – and quantifies their impact so that you can prioritize and resolve the items that have the greatest effect on your business.

The LogRocket Difference

Today, LogRocket supports over 2,500 paying customers, spanning retail, e-commerce, hospitality, and financial services among other industries. LogRocket’s Digital Experience Analytics platform helps software and product teams across these various organizations quickly fix issues, increase conversions, and drive product engagement. Whether a company is releasing a new feature or receiving a customer complaint, its team can immediately reproduce sessions to understand what happened, assess the data to learn why it occurred, and prioritize if the user impact requires urgent attention or not.

Now, with the release of LogRocket Mobile, software teams can take full advantage of the cutting-edge capabilities available for the web to perfect the unique experience of their native mobile users as well, all while shortening the time to resolution from months and days to hours or minutes.

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