Allocadia Delivers New Agile Budgeting Solution to Marketers

Seamless Budget Transfers Empower Teams to React Faster, Leverage Unexpected Opportunities and Optimize Spend

Allocadia, the leader in Marketing Performance Management (MPM), announced new agile budgeting capabilities to improve the budgeting process for global marketing organizations. The new features and functionality empower marketing teams to achieve flexible, real-time management of budgets through reallocations that seamlessly request and track budget movement – in, out and within – their marketing plans via a transparent approval workflow process.

“Flexible budgets are essential, particularly in our uncertain economy, and our new agile budgeting functionality will ease the headaches marketers face when shifting marketing funds between teams, geographies and functional areas,” said Katherine Berry, Allocadia Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “These enhancements will save marketing organizations countless hours, create greater collaboration within marketing teams, and drive  improved operational efficiency – ensuring that marketers can quickly and confidently manage budgets to continuously optimize spend.”

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Marketers can now easily and confidently redirect funds within Allocadia to capitalize on unexpected opportunities, react quickly to market changes, and consistently drive business impact with their investments. These enhanced capabilities further strengthen Allocadia’s money management capabilities and recognized innovation in Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and provide greater budget transparency with tracking and audit capabilities to improve overall financial accuracy for marketing teams.

With Allocadia, users can make seamless budget adjustments within a single plan, as well as between teams and regions. In addition to greater agility in making mid-stream changes, these reallocation features address common problems associated with inflexible budgets, enabling marketing professionals to quickly de-fund ineffective programs and shift budgets to other, more effective, marketing initiatives.

According to Carey Rutigliano, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Cloudera, Allocadia’s new budget reallocations functionality provides marketers with new and welcome agility. “With so much market uncertainty, this new functionality is going to be invaluable for marketing organizations,” he observed. “Critical data can be lost in spreadsheets and email, whenever we’re trying to make budget changes – and it is a real pain. These new features from Allocadia are going to be a game-changer for our budget management processes in 2021.”

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The new reallocation capabilities include:

  • Transfers – the ability to initiate budget transfers that move money from investment budget totals across different teams and regions, including features that allow for unique approvers across different budgets
  • Administrative Oversight – allowing administrators to enable or disable transfers for different locations in the investment hierarchy
  • Robust Notifications – enabling users with “approver status” to review transfer details and approve or deny requests
  • Audit Controls – the ability to review all transfer requests and history logs of past requests for audit and management purposes
  • API Integration – enabling other enterprise systems to access budget transfer data as needed
  • Financial Oversight – deep auditing capabilities to view history logs and patterns associated with all budget transfers
  • Configurability – assign unique approvers for different budgets and customize transfer request forms with up to five fields to meet their organization’s specific information needs.

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