Stoke Pulse Ties Content to B2B Deals for Real ROI Measurement

First-Of-Its-Kind Analytics Solution Helps Marketers Know the Impact Their Digital Content Has on Offline Sales

Stoke, a full-service content marketing, and analytics agency launched Stoke Pulse at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. Stoke Pulse is a first-of-its-kind analytics solution that helps B2B marketers close the gap between knowing how customers engage with content and understanding what that has to do with their offline sales.

“Marketers are spending significant budget to develop and distribute digital content, and the need for that content continues to accelerate. We’ve developed Stoke Pulse to help marketers know where their content budget can have the most impact and justify that spend in the dollar-figure language the C-suite is fluent in,” said David Acheson, Managing Director, Stoke.

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While tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics provide data about how people arrive at a website, the time spent on a page and even a customer’s path to purchase, these tools don’t paint a full picture. The same thing goes for CRM software like Salesforce that lets sales reps follow the progress of offline deals.

Laurie Lohner“Stoke Pulse is the missing link between marketing analytics and CRM tools. Stoke Pulse plays a significant role in not only showing results but also in closing the feedback loop to develop a content strategy for the entire customer journey that can very effectively deliver on the most important performance indicator, which is revenue,” said Laurie Lohner, Managing Director, Stoke.

Stoke Pulse allows marketers to visualize every sales opportunity at every stage of the customer journey. Three main dashboards make it easy to track and interpret information:

  • Customer Journey– Visualize the entire customer journey, from the first touch to deal close. See every piece of content contacts touched, visualized by the author, content type, title or campaign.
  • Revenue Influence–  See every deal that’s been influenced by content. Measure, rank, and filter all influenced deals by industry, region and deal size.
  • Content Analysis– Measure and rank content in real revenue terms, not just visits. See what content impacted business the most—including leads, sales pipeline, and closed deals.

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Technical requirements
Stoke Pulse is not designed to replace current analytics solutions and does not require any software installation. The technology is currently compatible with Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics and Salesforce CRM.

“Stoke Pulse is easy to get up and running. It connects your current analytics solution with Salesforce via a visitor ID pass-through and then uses proprietary algorithms to extract data from both sources and generate meaningful insights,” said Sam Fonoimoana, Chief Analytics Officer, Stoke.

Fonoimoana is an analytics expert and has extensive working knowledge of analytics from extract, transform and load (ETL) to visualization to machine learning. He has spent his analytics career helping companies such as DOMO, Franklin Sports,, and Adobe connect their marketing efforts to revenue. Prior to joining Stoke, he was global director of marketing at DOMO and then founded Fahui Analytics.

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