MediaVillage Announces Partnership with Maru/Matchbox for Advanced Insights

MediaVillage, a Media Industry Researcher and Publisher, Advances Media Insights with New Capabilities

MediaVillage, is a leading publishing, researching and business development firm in the marketing and media industry. Maru/Matchbox is the market leader in the use of insight communities and technology to produce focused-outcomes market research. MediaVillage announced the partnership with Maru/Matchbox to use their Eye Intelligence platform for advanced data visualization and analytics. MediaVillage is the primary source for media trends and economic forecasts and it publishes several landmark studies on an annual scale. Some of these studies include Media Brand Equity Study, Media Marketplace Assessment Study and the Upfront/New Front Study.

MediaVillage President and Chief Operating Officer, John McMenamin says, “The Eye platform gives us the ability to see and work with data in powerful new ways. It also allows our member companies a better way to engage with our data for deeper drill-downs and reporting.”

Jack Myers, MediaVillage Founder and Media Ecologist says, “The robust analysis of data is critical to discover greater insight. The Eye platform is an exceptional tool for working with large amounts of data as well as data from different sources.”

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What is Eye?

Eye is a next-generation reporting and analytics platform which is specific to the marketing research industry. It provides flexible reporting, unique dashboards, performance management and advanced analytical functionalities.

According to Bruce Friend, the President of Media and Entertainment of Maru/Matchbox says, “MediaVillage has a lot of amazing data. Eye will help take the value of that data to another level.”

Maru/Matchbox has always focused on applying new technology which pushes the boundaries of customer intelligence since over a decade. It unifies customer insights with deep sector expertise backed by superior quality data.

MediaVillage is currently using Eye on its 2017 Media Marketplace Assessment and on its 2018 Media Brand Equity Study. MediaVillage makes provisions for a community of 35,000 decision makers who constantly shape up the $215B+ in media expenditures annually.

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