Siteimprove Releases New SEO Product

Content and Technical Side of SEO Unlocked with New Tool

Siteimprove, a technology company, has launched an advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) product module. Siteimprove is a company which helps audit, manage and optimize websites. The ongoing development of the product spells wonders for the Siteimprove Intelligence System, which is the company’s core software suite; since it is now used by 6,500 organizations all around the world.

Siteimprove SEO empowers users to audit the search engine readiness of their website by providing practical and actionable recommendations.

In today’s digital world, search engines are an absolute necessity in selling to, or communicating with, potential customers,” said Morten Ebbesen, CEO of Siteimprove. “After all, what’s the point of creating high quality digital content if no one pays attention to what happens after you click ‘publish’? That’s why having a smart approach to SEO is just as important as developing good content.”

Enables Site Audits
Siteimprove SEO empowers users to audit the search engine of their website by using 70 different checks divided into four categories: Technical, Content, Mobile and User Experience. The results from these checks are translated into an overall SEO score. Based on the data, users receive actionable and pragmatic recommendations.

Siteimprove SEO helps companies understand how customers find their websites through the world’s most popular search engine– direct integration of Google’s Search Console. Understanding queries and terms which lead to an appearance in search results help companies relate to their audience. They can also discover traffic-driving keywords at the same time.

Siteimprove SEO also utilizes Activity Plans. These are customizable workflows that merge different data which would otherwise be pulled from five different SEO tools into one place. The organization of competitor analysis, content optimization, keyword monitoring allow digital teams to work smarter and more efficiently across various job roles, departments and regions.

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