SnackMagic Launches CPGpulse, a Data Platform Focused on First-Party Consumer Insights and Brand Innovation

Brands, Retail Buyers & Investors Can Now Utilize First-Party Customer Analytics to Identify Growth and Optimization Opportunities

SnackMagic, the 100% customizable snack and swag service, announced the launch of CPGpulse, a platform focused on unparalleled data insights for consumer packaged goods brands. The platform goes beyond point-of-sale data with drilled-down analytics that reflect direct consumer insights such as taste preferences and has digestible comparison tools that make it easy for brands to assess competition. CPGpulse’s beta audience has included emerging brands looking to use the platform to test drive new SKUs, as well as veteran retail buyers and investors who are looking to monitor new innovation.

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“CPGpulse gives our customers the detailed data, analytics, and insights to propel their brand forward”

“CPGpulse gives our customers the detailed data, analytics, and insights to propel their brand forward,” said founder and CEO, Shaunak Amin. “There is no platform collecting the unique data points that CPGpulse does: first-party data, qualitative data, sales data that comes from gift redemption, and data on an emerging brand universe. Brands on SnackMagic have the exposure and distribution, now it’s time to give them behind-the-scenes insights to supercharge their growth efforts.”

Unlike industry incumbents that are expensive and only accessible to brands that have national distribution, CPGpulse equitably provides all brands with a unique core data set derived from SnackMagic’s real-time e-commerce and consumer sampling activity. This offers brands a unique edge by allowing them to hone in on their early adopters and their ordering patterns. This data set can be used to zero in on strategies for market expansion, geotargeting, raising capital, or competitive acquisition.

Brands can subscribe to the customizable dashboard based on their individual needs, with five distinct segments available on CPGpulse:

  • Trends & Rankings: Provides users insight into current and future trends and rankings across categories, brands, products, ingredients, dietary preferences, seasonal shifts, taste profiles, and more.
  • Brand Dossier: CPG companies can monitor brand and product performance. Users can get an industry-wide scope of audience demographics, reviews and feedback for their brands and competitors. This allows new and established brands alike to see how their peers and competitors are performing. Our comparative intel can highlight growth, distribution opportunities and shed light on target audience and their purchasing decisions.
  • Personalized, Interactive Dashboards: Slice and dice raw data that’s fully interactive and customizable for every brand and every product available to get the most precise answers to any CPG question. Brands can analyze historical data, choose individual filters, and create custom charts for anything they wish to see.
  • Reporting & Analysis: Brands have access to an easy-to-understand, instant analysis of their SnackMagic sales with actionable, individualized reports that outline the biggest wins, areas to improve, key competitors to watch, growth areas, and more. Analysis options range from simple push reporting emails to optional data scientists for deeper recommendations based on insights.
  • Pullable Infographics: CPGpulse data will largely collect insights from pre-launched SKUs sampled on the platform; a detailed report denoting how targeted customers respond to brand marketing, taste, packaging, and nutrition providing actionable insights that integrates seamlessly into brand collateral materials.

Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Paul Lewis, CMO at Adzuna

CPGpulse will initially offer the Trends & Rankings free to all users, with other segments available for additional costs. Brands including Belgian Boys, Project 7, Ha Snacks, Milk Bar, Rind Snacks, Daily Crunch, United Sodas, Spinster Sister’s, Copper Cow, and more have been testing CPGpulse in beta to gain competitive intel, and forecast upcoming trends.

All consumer packaged brands looking to fuel product performance insights on CPGpulse can opt-in for SnackDrop, SnackMagic’s nationwide sampling program. The SnackDrop platform will help pioneer new SKU innovation – allowing brands to pilot new price points, flavors and packaging with first-party consumer reviews before going to market.

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