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Veritone Unveils Veritone Illuminate to Accelerate Early Case Assessment of Unstructured Data for Legal and Law Enforcement Investigative Teams

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AI-Powered Application Enables Legal Teams to Assess Audio, Video and Text-Based Documents at the Top of the Case Funnel to Drive Efficiency, Time and Cost Savings

Veritone Inc., the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence (AI), aiWARE, announced Veritone Illuminate, an AI-powered solution that enables legal and law enforcement investigative teams to cost-effectively search, analyze, cull and explore large amounts of audio, video and text-based evidence during early case assessment (ECA) or other digital data culling processes.

Veritone unveils Veritone Illuminate to accelerate early case assessment of unstructured data for legal and law enforcement investigative teams

“In our experience, one of the biggest challenges of eDiscovery is the sheer volume of material that has to be processed. It can be difficult enough to plow through high numbers of emails and documents, but the increased volume of audio and video files being created and stored today has made the challenge all the more difficult,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder, Deep Analysis. “Many organizations find it cumbersome and expensive to move all of the audio and video files, often via a managed service provider, to an eDiscovery platform. Until now there has been little option to do so, but with Veritone’s new Illuminate product users can now pinpoint and interrogate elements and concepts in large amounts of audio, video and text, at scale, much earlier in the process than was previously feasible.”

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Veritone Illuminate automatically transcribes and translates unstructured data, including audio, video and text-based electronically stored information (ESI). This makes the data easily searchable, while providing text analytics capabilities that allow users to visually explore entities, such as the persons, organizations and locations identified in the ESI, early in the discovery process. The result is a boon for both eDiscovery and law enforcement teams looking to cost effectively analyze and cull large volumes of unstructured evidentiary media before subsequent review.

“We are thrilled to add Veritone Illuminate to our suite of legal and law enforcement solutions,” said Chris Ricciuti, Vice President of Product Management for Legal & Compliance at Veritone. “Both legal and government agency customers have indicated that it is typical to have terabytes of information that must be processed and reviewed. Veritone Illuminate can swiftly analyze massive volumes of audio, video and text-based data and surface actionable insight for eDiscovery and other investigative teams, greatly minimizing the volume of data to be reviewed while reducing associated costs dramatically, and also assisting teams in managing their legal risk.”

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Accelerates discovery and reduces costs by automatically making unstructured data searchable by keywords, faces, objects, and more
  • Leverages the multiple AI engine capabilities of Veritone aiWARE, making it one of the most accurate, flexible and scalable ECA solutions in the industry
  • Reveals insights that might not have been uncovered in search with cutting-edge text analytics capabilities
  • Ability to utilize Veritone’s Redact application to obscure sensitive information to meet information privacy requirements
  • Facilitates downstream review via one-click export of media assets and related AI engine results that can be imported into the customer’s eDiscovery platform of choice – such as Relativity, Nuix/Ringtail, Opentext and iConnect
  • Offers flexible deployment and integration options to meet data protection and security requirements

Legal teams are able to export their relevant subset of media data directly from Veritone Illuminate and subsequently import that information into the eDiscovery or case management platform of their choice, thereby boosting early case assessment efforts while significantly cutting storage costs.

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