G/O Media Announces 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Statistics

G/O Media, a leading digital publisher that was formed in April of 2019, announced for the first time its in-house diversity statistics, showcasing the current makeup of its full-time staff. As part of G/O Media’s commitment towards Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), the company believes transparency is a key part of its ongoing efforts to be a truly diverse and inclusive organization. The company is proud to share these annual findings:

G/O Media’s Current Workforce’s Diversity Breakdown (as defined by the Department of Labor):
  • 63% of current staff are diverse
  • 51% of managers are diverse
  • 48% of staff is female
  • 69% of new hires on-boarded on July 16, 2019 through July 16, 2020 were diverse

At approximately the year mark since G/O Media’s takeover of the business from Univision, the company is proud to share the work it has done to improve diversity, equity and inclusion for its acquired employee base.  It also takes great pride in the fact that D&I remains a key strategic initiative heavily supported by the company’s leadership.

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“G/O Media believes that the sum of its parts makes the company stronger and that diverse talent gives us a multifaceted view through which the team can be better storytellers and journalists,” says Jim Spanfeller, CEO, G/O Media. “Our content and products are only as strong as the people creating them, which is why the company strives to identify with and empower all cultures and ethnicities, genders, ages and backgrounds and have implemented many key practices and policies to support this within the company.”

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“Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive organization is not based on current events, but is and has always been, a part of our ethos,” adds Angela Persaud, Head of People, G/O Media. “We are inspired by the movements happening outside of our doors – Black Lives Matter, Trans and LGBTQ+ Lives Matter, but having a diverse, equitable and inclusive employee base isn’t episodic for the company. Support for, and empowerment of, our company’s diversity is a core part of our foundation and culture, and something we continuously strive to enhance.”

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