Loop Media, Inc. and Qonsent Announce Integration to Enable First-Party Consent for Digital Out-of-Home Sector

Multi-channel streaming platform and consent enablement leaders partner to provide embedded first-person consent controls to empower consumers to control their data

Loop Media, Inc., a leading multi-channel streaming platform that provides curated music video and branded entertainment channels for businesses today announced a partnership with Qonsent, the first consent enablement and consumer trust platform. The partnership will embed Qonsent’s first-person consent technology into Loop Media’s streaming platform to ensure that Loop’s business clients accessing content are able to quickly and easily understand, agree to and give their consent to having their data seen by Loop. Loop clients will also have the ability to interact in real-time with their own customers and provide ad offers (digital out-of-home advertising) to capture first-party customer data.

“Data privacy continues to be one of the most significant hot-button issues for consumers, and many companies are doing themselves a disservice by trying to cobble together solutions without just creating transparency and new connection with their customers,” said Bob Gruters, Chief Revenue Officer at Loop Media. “We are all about innovation and growth, and Qonsent’s solution helps us engage with our clients and establish trust while supporting the unique viewer experience demands in out-of-home environments.”

Qonsent’s solution will be embedded within the Loop Media experience to ensure an explicit first-person consent mechanism for its clients accessing content from the platform. Obtaining first-person consent is key for compliance with new global data privacy laws and for meeting consumer demand to have a better understanding of how, when and where their personal identifiable information is being used. With the implementation of Qonsent, Loop’s dedication to providing valuable and engaging content will not be slowed by increasing privacy control requirements as the solution is geared to give consumers control over their personal information and provide a channel for advertisers and Loop to create a customer-approved first-person connection.

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“Streaming platforms are a key form of entertainment for most consumers today, so it’s crucial that they find a way to build that trust with consumers by showing them they’ve heard their desire to have a better data privacy solution,” said Jesse Redniss, CEO and Co-founder, Qonsent. “By partnering with Loop we’re paving the way and setting the bench for others in the industry to see how easily the first-person consent collection can be achieved when you re-engage with consumers in a meaningful way that shows you care about what they’d like to see.”

Qonsent products offer a B2B and B2C consumer wallet solution, are easy to deploy, require little to no code and quickly enable the creation of branded, frictionless and most importantly easy to understand digital experiences in which consumers can provide consent for the use of their data. Qonsent also has partnerships with Ketch, Full Contact, TransUnion and others.

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