Project Twelve and STEPN Announce Strategic Partnership to Create Sustainable Web3 Ecosystem and Accelerate Mass Adoption

Web3 gaming platform Project Twelve and blockchain fitness app STEPN seek synergy by teaming up to offer more entertainment experiences and credential based perks to their combined user base

Web3 gaming platform Project Twelve (P12) and blockchain lifestyle application STEPN announced their strategic partnership last week following P12’s record breaking Genesis Soul-Bound NFT airdrop. As STEPN’s first strategic partner, P12 brings a wealth of opportunity and experience to the table as both companies work closely together to achieve a shared vision of mass adoption via sustainable platform economies and ecosystem partnerships. Through the partnership, both companies hope to accelerate their already rapid user growth while further improving user experience.

Per STEPN Chief Revenue Officer Mable Jiang, “We are stoked to work with P12 to cater more varieties of entertainment and social experience to our users. We believe the interoperability of the Web3 infrastructure can help both parties unlock more possibilities in their roadmaps.”

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P12 is a Web3 gaming platform and accessible game creation ecosystem that solves the problem of imbalanced game economies that has plagued its predecessors. It incorporates a cutting edge and developer friendly game editor with sustainable game economies long on the wish-list of Web2 gamers. P12’s NFT airdrop boasted a record 560,000 claims in its first week. This phenomenal reception reflects P12’s strong brand recognition and the appeal of its innovative vision to the global gaming community.

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle application with gamified and social components. STEPN leverages tokenized incentives based on blockchain networks to encourage people to walk, jog, and run outdoors, and to get through the hurdle and learn about all the basics of Web3. STEPN strives to become a consumer super-app that offers entertainment and social experiences that are partially powered by blockchain.

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