Spotify Brings Out “Music, Meet Podcasts” – the First Global Branding Campaign for 2020

By the sheer volume of audience and growth of subscribers, Spotify leads the market of music streaming and audio advertising. Others in the fray, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Pandora, Jio Saavn, YouTube Music and others have also witnessed sizeable growth in the number of monthly subscribers and listeners – but Spotify is at a different plane altogether.

Spotify has become a ubiquitous platform for music lovers and podcast aficionados to connect with great audio content.  In the last 6 months, a lot has changed in the music streaming and podcasting industry, with a majority of marketers switching to audio content to promote their brand and create interactive sessions with audiences.

Spotify MAU by region
Spotify MAU by region [Source: BusinessofApps / Spotify]
Spotify has introduced its first digital campaign for the year 2020. It’s called ‘Music, Meet Podcasts’ – unveiling Spotify’s new brand platform, ‘Listening is Everything.’

Listening is Everything by Spotify is an extension of everything we enjoy about music, doped with a touch of personalization and social media interactions. Spotify’s new music collection platform inspires and connects listeners to each other and the world through the power of music and podcasts – all in the playful and light-hearted tone that Spotify is known for.

Spotify is leading the industry in the evolution of audio advertising. The future of audio is merging audio content delivered with native and programmatic advertising techniques.

Earlier this month, Spotify had also announced new in-app features for millions of users around the world. The new feature – My Forever Favorites allow music lovers and genuine podcasters to get closer to each other via sharing platform, enabling them with the unique opportunity to share great music and podcasts in the circle. Now, using the Spotify app, listeners can create a playlist with their five most meaningful songs and/or podcast episodes and easily post it on their social channels. The service is available for Spotify Free and Premium users.

Back to the latest digital campaign, ‘Music, Meet Podcasts’ — the U.S. campaign features a high energy hero film that is set to premiere at this Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards. True to form, the film pops with colorful animations, heart-pumping beats, and ear candy that capture the intimacy of the listening experience and the diversity of Spotify’s audio library. The film features fan-favorite artists and podcast creators including Khalid, Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Jemele Hill, and the hosts of Last Podcast on the Left. You can watch and share the hero film here.

Additionally, ‘Music, Meet Podcasts” includes a series of digital videos featuring artists and podcasters from Tove Lo and Calvin Harris to the First Lady Michelle Obama and Esther Perel. The digital videos highlight the personalized, curated, and exclusive content that keeps 300 million listeners coming to Spotify for more. In addition to the U.S., ‘Music, Meet Podcasts’ is live in 22 markets worldwide and will run across social, digital, and OOH.

Though the audio streaming is yet to become a sustainable revenue generation avenue, Spotify is changing all that with well-planned digital branding and marketing campaigns targeting music lovers and always-on podcast series publishers. According to a report on US digital radio ad spend, podcasting is a ‘bright spot’ where Americans (and global listeners) are expected to spend more time in podcast listening. In Canada, it is labeled as a sticky medium to expand consumer media consumption during the lockdown phase.

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