D*AS by BravasLive: Disrupting the Global Ad Model with Intelligent Content Production

Jay Noce launched  D*AS by BravasLive with an Aim to Disrupt the Global Ad Model

Bringing over 25 years of experience with the world’s largest global consumer brands, Jay Noce launched BravasLive, to utilize advances in cloud computing and artificial intelligence mapped to a proven methodology for global ad content creation, rollout, and delivery.

Jay Noce
Jay Noce, CEO, BravasLive

BravasLive CEO and Chairman, Jay Noce, said, ” We offer the world’s most advanced content production platform. Also, through these practices, BravasLive delivers the only true cloud-based AI dynamic asset solution in the world. Client marketing organizations are delivering a minimum of 100-300 percent more content within the same marketing budget. “It’s truly a revolutionary time in the world of Global Advertising and Marketing.”

Jay added, “And BravasLive is the only standard that guarantees consistent and repeatable results with simply efficient one-click ease of use.”

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Create Brand-Compliant Advertisement Using D*as by BravasLive

BravasLive has introduced Intelligent Content Production and Dynamic Asset Solutions. This platform and BravasLive’s scorecard and studio services team, allows Global Brands, Agencies, Publishers and Multi-Channel marketing organizations to automate their ad creation and deployment process. With one click, marketers can create brand-compliant advertisements and collateral in any ad format, any ad size for any marketing medium.

BravasLive’s Intelligent Content Production provides a single, seamless, high-performing, enterprise-class cloud platform that automates production and adaptation of all content and media types. And offers end-to-end content lifecycle management, from content ideation, origination, production, adaptation, trafficking, and fulfillment.

Dynamic Asset Can Turn Any  Static Content into a Touchpoint

Within Intelligent Content Production, BravasLive has introduced their Dynamic Asset Solutions (D*AS). This solution brings life to static assets making them dynamic assets. Unlike a static asset that has to be re-versioned and edited for every piece of content; a dynamic asset can become any piece of content across any channel and any touchpoint.

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Once a brand’s marketing materials are ingested and brand guidelines are established any static asset will become Self Generating (automatically renders from content; brand & legally compliant) and Situationally Aware (transforms for medium; size to fit space; target recipient or audience, etc.). This allows marketers to easily and quickly produce multi-channel, multi-format marketing materials without the need for large teams of resources or inconsistent delivery methods. Production turnaround time is also drastically reduced; another benefit of BravasLive.

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Brands and businesses all across the world use BravasLive for their content production. Companies like Acura, Bank of America, Michaels, Subway, Ford, and Chevy all utilize and have benefited from this content production technology.

And Noce added, “Our clients are gaining a significant market share over their competitors.”

How BravasLive Works for You

BravasLive boasts that their methods and the content delivery recipe have guaranteed fantastic success. Blending the most advanced content creation technologies available, mixed with the best practice standards and metrics, they can deliver previously unfathomable value.

BravasLive AD MODEL
BravasLive AD MODEL

Also, their proven three-step process leaves nothing to chance, guaranteeing exponential increases in advertising and marketing volumes within the same spend.

The first step is valuing target. Noce and his staff will show clients transparently how much measurable and verifiable value they can deliver regarding annual cost savings. This presentation includes flexibility, improved speed, compliance, and marketing effectiveness. These methods are a significant bonus above and beyond the hard savings.

Second, they show clients a value roadmap. The company explains a customized Value Roadmap, showing how quickly they will deliver the value. Also, the short amount of time is surprisingly quick, guaranteeing full payback in 60 days.

Lastly, BravasLive keeps a Value Scorecard, keeping track of the progress from the first day of content production. “Throughout the journey, we will help our clients identify and maximize further ways to achieve maximum value from their marketing spend,” says Jay Noce.

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“BravasLive embraces technologies, unlocking the full potential to deliver unyielding service and value,” adds Noce.

Furthermore, BravasLive’s white glove services team can also assist in content ideation, adaptation, origination, trafficking, production, and fulfillment. Also, Noce and his staff make sure the content produced is delivered at the high standards, and within the Brand Voice methods, Language, Localization, Legal and Marketing Guidelines.

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All of these different checks and balances throughout the process provides full transparency and current progress. Throughout the process, a company will always have the ability to keep real-time tracking of the content produced and ad dollars saved.

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