Outbrain Launches ‘Sphere’ for Unbiased Audience Development

Sphere by Outbrain to Help Publishers Collaborate and Build Direct Connections with their Audiences

Leading premium discovery platform, Outbrain, has unveiled Sphere. Sphere by Outbrain is an innovative audience development platform that brings high-quality content to users and delivers new sources of revenue for digital publishers while reducing their reliance on Facebook. CNN, Meredith Corporation, Penske Media Corporation and Getty Images are among the premium publishers to have signed on with Sphere as founding members.

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Sphere by Outbrain Would Provide Users with a Diverse Discovery Experience

Sphere by Outbrain is an invitation-only network of premium publishers that recommend and share each other’s high-quality, brand-safe content amongst the members of the closed group. The publishers within Sphere provide users with a diverse discovery experience by presenting the best editorial content from around the web alongside their own editorial content.

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As a result, publishers have a cost-effective way to acquire loyal, high quality and highly engaged audiences that translate to more revenue and more long-term value.

Yaron Galai, Co-founder and CEO of Outbrain
Yaron Galai, Co-founder and CEO, Outbrain

At the time of this announcement, Yaron Galai, Co-founder and CEO of Outbrain, said, “We believe the future of publishing is a return to direct relationships between publishers and audience. Publishers need a better way to build owned audience growth, without relying on Facebook. With Sphere, we are paving a new path in the digital publisher business model to encourage high-quality content that delivers deeper engagement with users.”

Yaron added, “The Sphere experience takes into account the needs of both publishers and users, making it a necessary win-win for all parties.”

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Sphere Rewards Engagement by Financially Incentivizing Longer Visits

A key differentiator with Sphere is in the product economics and revenue model, as the first tool to reward engagement by financially incentivizing longer visits. Via Sphere, Outbrain will be using a new algorithm to help publishers achieve Lifetime Value (LTV) per user by encouraging deeper engagement with content to drive higher-quality visits and increased page views.

Outbrain’s network of premium publishers is uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality audiences and content. Some of the world’s most well-recognized publishers utilize the Outbrain platform including CNN, ESPN, Meredith Corporation, Fox News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, New York Post, Sky News, TF1, Condé Nast, Bild, Orange, and L’Equipe.

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Currently, Outbrain brings personalized, relevant online, mobile and video recommendations to audiences while helping publishers understand their audiences through data. Outbrain serves more than 275 billion personalized recommendations, reaching nearly one billion users every month across the globe.

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