PandaDoc and Zendesk Sell Integration Streamlines Document Processing

Nearly a decade ago, McKinsey reported that “employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value.” While 83% of knowledge workers lose time to document version issues every day, according to Harris Interactive survey. Additionally, Ombud’s 2013 research revealed how much money organizations can save by switching to an e-sign process. The research also found out that signing documents digitally can reduce turnaround time by eighty percent.

All these facts allude to the fact that a lot of productive time is lost in collecting information and processing documents. Digitizing the aspects of information and documents can save a business a ton amount of time. And for the sales department, this precious time can be used to focus on doing their best work and not managing documents and information.

The integration of PandaDoc within Zendesk Sell aims just to do that, i.e. eliminating the time wasted in copying and pasting from the CRM to a Word doc or PDF. The integration now makes the document processes streamlined, scalable, and successful. It also eliminates the monotonous work and lets users create proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices without leaving the Zendesk Sell CRM. Users just have to set the template for which leads, company, person, or deals they want to documents, and they are greeted with a fully personalized document.

PandaDoc-Zendesk Sell Integration
Completing PandaDoc integration in Zendesk.[Source: PandaDoc]
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With the application at hand, users can also send and track documents in real-time. And the CRM data saved within Zendesk Sell will automatically populate within new documents. It couples all these capabilities with legally binding electronic signatures. The integration also facilitates enhanced collaboration. Users can co-author, comment, and review documents alongside co-workers, partners, and clients.

Document Creation
Document creation directly in Zendesk Sell.[Source:PandaDoc]

Here are the features of the integration:

  • Consolidated documents – build proposals, quotes, and contracts directly from tokens in Zendesk Sell – including leads, companies, people, and deals. Benefit from having all documents and opportunity-related conversations stored in one place.
  • Auto-populated fields – enhance workflow automation by easily auto-populating documents with key data from Zendesk Sell, including contacts, products, and terms.
  • Brand consistency – access, customize and send the content directly within Zendesk Sell. The PandaDoc content library stores all sales and marketing collateral, ensuring anytime access to on-brand content.
  • Streamlined payments – add payment options to documents so that clients can accept proposals, quotes, or invoices and pay straight away.
  • Improved collaboration – co-author, comment, and review documents alongside co-workers, partners, and clients. All without ever leaving Zendesk Sell to do it.

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