transcosmos SaaS DEC CMS Releases a Headless CMS Feature That Supports Multi-Channel Marketing

The new integrated content management feature lets businesses manage content across channels such as dynamic websites like e-commerce sites, mobile apps, and digital signage on any kind of user interface

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company has added a headless content management system (CMS) feature to its proprietary SaaS digital marketing platform “DEC CMS,” and released a new service “DEC CMS type Headless.”

Recently, delivering content through multiple channels, such as owned media, a variety of social networking services (SNS), storefront digital signage, and smart speakers, has become the key success factor in marketing. Under such an environment, traditional CMS has been posing a challenge to clients due to its system architecture. The architecture of a traditional CSM combines the user interface and the content components, meaning that clients had to manage content separately per channel. The “DEC CMS type Headless” not only resolves this challenge, but also enables clients to manage content used for a variety of channels such as websites, apps, and digital signage that were otherwise difficult to use a CMS. At the same time, the new service offers more flexible options for clients to implement a CMS. For example, they can implement it only to the necessary channels or a part of the channels according to their budget.

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The term Head means the view screen (a presentation screen), so a Headless CMS is a CMS with only a content management feature, no presentation screen. With this new headless feature in place, the “DEC CMS” will handle content creation and management, and offers clients a flexibility to design and configure their user interface, or frontend, without any restriction by the specifications and design templates of the CMS. In addition, since its architecture separates the content management and the user interface components, clients can deploy the CMS even to uniquely designed websites to which they couldn’t deploy a traditional CMS, such as dynamic websites like e-commerce websites, and single page application (SPA), without making any change to their user interface.

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transcosmos will continue to build a closer partnership with Acquia, the company that delivers “Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform,” on which DEC CMS is built. With the aim of offering a pleasant environment for users, transcosmos will develop and deliver higher quality services at a greater speed than ever before, and drive platform strategy in the Japanese digital marketing sector by leveraging the combined strengths of the two companies.

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