DatChat Partners with Rutgers University Computer Science Through Industry Affiliates Program

DatChat, Inc., a communications software company that gives users the ability to communicate with privacy and protection, announced a partnership with Rutgers University Computer Science through their Industry Affiliates Program. DatChat will receive access to Rutgers engineering talent, collateral, and industry leading research and information.

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DatChat’s engineering leverages blockchain technology and cyber-security protocols to create a privacy-first ecosystem, where users’ data is protected. Deploying blockchain in a social media use-case offers a unique opportunity, as the blockchain engineering space remains nascent. Through the partnership, DatChat will receive an open invitation to attend all colloquia and research presentations, access to technical reports and papers, facilitated introduction to faculty and research groups, and more.

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“We’re at the confluence of blockchain technology, data privacy, and social media,” said Darin Myman, founder and CEO of DatChat. “We understand the importance of building tools and applications with the highest privacy and security standards, and our partnership with Rutgers University will provide access to information and up-and-coming engineering talent. Protecting users’ privacy and information is the future of sustainable technology business.”

DatChat’s technology and engineering mandate seeks to solve unique and complex challenges, which requires the brightest young minds prioritizing novel and abstract thinking. DatChat brings Silicon Valley culture to the East Coast, allowing students to remain local while pursuing career opportunities in technology.

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