BIMA and Microsoft Announce a New Partnership to Deliver New-Age Transformative Technologies

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The Partnership with BIMA Connects Microsoft with the UK’s Thriving Digital Agency Community – Giving Them Access to Transformative Technologies Including AI and AR/VR

British Interactive Media Association (BIMA), the UK’s digital trade body, has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to provide the UK’s digital community with the market-leading creative technologies. Additionally, BIMA also announced new funding initiatives and input on the design and direction of future technologies.

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BIMA and Microsoft Partnership

At the time of this announcement, Paul Bolt, SMB Director at Microsoft, said, “Microsoft has always been a partner-led company and we’re proud to join forces with BIMA and help the UK’s already thriving digital sector get under the hood of disruptive and game-changing technology.”

BIMA is “Buzzing with Excitement”

The partnership, effective immediately, will present BIMA members with new opportunities that already have the BIMA team “buzzing with excitement.” As Tarek Nseir, Co-President of BIMA, explains, “Microsoft created a vision for how they could engage with BIMA and the benefits of this new initiative are really exciting.”

Paul added, “I’m sure that this time next year we will be reflecting on a truly transformative partnership, for BIMA, our members and the output of the British digital industry.”

The partnership is set to deliver a range of engagement initiatives this year, from briefing events and technology roadshows, to access to Microsoft’s experts and wider partner network, and new funding incentives. BIMA members will also have early access to software in development, meaning digital agencies will now have a direct influence on how core Microsoft software, including AI and other digitally transformative technologies, are developed.

Through the partnership BIMA members will also have direct access to Microsoft customers outside the industry who may require digital support, allowing them to expand their own network, win new business and boost profits.

Microsoft Partnership Enables Digital Agencies to Contribute to UK’s Growing Economy

BIMA and Microsoft recognize the hugely important contribution that digital agencies provide to the UK’s economy, especially the creative and technology sectors. This partnership will enable Microsoft to connect with those companies at the creative cutting edge, providing market-leading technology, education, and support from a vendor they know and trust.

This new initiative opens opportunities to build genuine agency partnerships with Microsoft and utilise cloud platforms that offer significant value for the end brands they serve through technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning , IoT, Blockchain and Conversational UI. Agencies of all sizes can benefit from our commitment to building platforms that deliver meaningful customer outcomes, with our full support, and drive the digital agenda by having disruptive, creative technology at the heart of their businesses.

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Tarek Nseir added, “Microsoft has created a truly groundbreaking set of capabilities in data, cloud computing, and cognitive services. What’s more, they are making a significant investment in partnering with progressive agencies, consultancies, brands, and start-ups to make the best use of their technology.”

Tarek continued, “By partnering with Microsoft, our members can nurture their existing tech talent, empowering everyone, from employees to customers, to be more collaborative and creative. All agencies, irrespective of size, will now have access to the same market-leading technology to help positively shape the culture of the modern workplace, and the UK economy as a whole.”

Currently, BIMA is focussed on driving innovation and excellence in the digital industry.

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