C-SPAN’s Partnership with Smarter TV Activation Leader Connekt Enables Network to Engage with Loyal Audience

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American History TV, BookTV and The Washington Journal first of C-SPAN Series to Benefit

Connekt, an innovative technology company activating smarter TV experiences that audiences love, announced its partnership with C-SPAN.

Before its 40th anniversary, C-SPAN turned to Connekt to quickly create branded merchandise and a new website that was reflective of its long heritage, the ethos of its shows, and its loyal audiences. Within a matter of days, C-SPAN had leveraged Connekt’s proprietary e-commerce solution to launch a new online store, selling memorabilia including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and the 40th anniversary mug that was showcased on The Washington Journal March 19, the day of the network’s anniversary. Connekt also powered product development and purchase fulfillment of branded merchandise for popular network series, including American History TV, BookTV and The Washington Journal, and will feature C-SPAN’s newest publication, The Presidents: Noted Historians Rank America’s Best – and Worst – Chief Executives, in the online store.

Connekt’s patented, AI-driven platform has powered millions of smart TV ads, content and commerce experiences for partners including LG, Sony, Nielsen, ABC, CBS, Showtime, five of the largest agency holding companies, and top brands such as Chipotle, Eli Lilly, P&G and Target. Connekt’s partners use its platform-based solutions to make their TV investments more targeted, engaging, transactable and measurable.

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C-SPAN is one of many networks tapping into the power of Connekt’s platform. By choosing Connekt, the network is transforming loyal viewer excitement about the network’s 40th anniversary into higher brand engagement, while also providing audience members a quick and easy way to show their love by purchasing merchandise from their favorite series via the C-SPAN Store.

“C-SPAN’s first public broadcast from the House Chamber took place 40 years ago and this anniversary was an important milestone that we wanted to celebrate with our loyal viewers,” said Marty Dominguez, Vice President of Marketing at C-SPAN. “One of the obvious ways to do this was to offer fans the ability to shop products from their favorite series. Understanding the complexity of launching an online shop on our own, we opted for Connekt because we were confident that their solution would enable us to launch within days versus months or more. In addition, we now have a partner who can help us engage with fans throughout multiple channels.”

“C-SPAN’s brand equity and history are unmatched. We are proud that the team chose to partner with us and look forward to many more opportunities to help the network explore different avenues of ecommerce,” said Mike O’Donnell, CRO of Connekt.

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Since the launch of the site, C-SPAN has sold and delivered more than 20 different products across the U.S. Throughout the year, Connekt will also be distributing C-SPAN’s key book releases, including The Senate: An Enduring Foundation of Democracy, and has already started selling the 2019 Congressional Directory, which has accounted for more than half of the network’s online sales.

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