How to Acquire More & Better Customers with Digital Content, According to webSURGE

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webSURGE Works with Ceos and Business-Owners to Increase the Quality and Quantity of Sales Leads to Improve and Increase Sales Results

webSURGE offers business leaders ways to improve content with digital content: As a business leader, you need to make decisions that increase sales. But how can you close more sales without getting more and better leads? Answer: increase your online presence with digital content.

What Is Digital Content?

By “words,” we mean keywords, keyword phrases, web copy, online content, and any form of text that can be analyzed and understood by a search engine. Think, blog posts, web pages, downloadable literature, case studies, and ebooks.

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How to Improve Content Marketing?

If your business is having trouble acquiring leads, the problem can likely be traced back to the amount or quality of your content marketing. How to fix that?

  1. Hire Copywriters: Don’t try to overtax in-house talent. To produce digital content that delivers leads, you need (a) full-time writer(s) to create a recurring volume of well-written, highly strategic, SEO-driven pieces of content.
    “Good copywriters are worth their weight in gold,” says Christine Churchill, President & CEO of KeyRelevance. Debra Mastaler, President of, echoes, “Don’t skimp on a copywriter, whatever you do.”
  2. Honor Humans: Digital content should serve customers. This comes before SEO and search engines. Ask your sales team to communicate with your content writers on a regular basis so that the information can be pulled from real closed deals.
  3. Appease Machines: After you “honor humans” first, use keywords in your content to help you reach a larger audience by appeasing search engines like Google. Use keywords with high search volume and low competition.
    “If you’re doing nothing else with marketing, but you’re creating excellent content and attracting and building great links, you’re doing good SEO,” says SMX speaker Mark Traphagen, Sr. Director of Brand Evangelism at Stone Temple Consulting.

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With these practices in place, you’ll be well on your way to acquire more and better customers with digital content.

webSURGE works with CEOs and business-owners to increase the quality and quantity of sales leads to improve and increase sales results. The company, founded by Joe Crestuk in 2007 specializes in providing digital marketing services BtoB manufacturing and technology companies. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, webSURGE serves clients through a full suite of digital marketing services to increase brand awareness, support public relations, and generate high-interest, high-value online sales leads.

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