Marketing 360 Releases Content Marketing Case Study

Most business owners know and understand the importance of content marketing and search engine optimization. Afterall, if done correctly, the right content marketing strategy can lead to an abundance of free clicks and extremely high-quality leads. Although content marketing is a long game, with some patience and understanding that it takes time, business owners can see great long-term success with content marketing.

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In this case study, Marketing 360 shares how a Texas-based professional licensing company, with the help of their Content Marketing Specialist, saw huge, long-term results with an effective content marketing strategy.

They saw hundreds of thousands of impressions, thousands of clicks, and hundreds of conversions, almost all coming from organic search, in just a three-month period. Compared to the three-month period prior, the efforts put forth through content marketing resulted in an incredible increase in conversions of 19%! Furthermore, they saw a 9% increase in impressions and a 15% increase in clicks.

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The strategy? First, their Content Marketing Specialist went through their entire website and optimized it for relevant keywords and phrases, like “Texas real estate licence” and “Texas real estate school.” Next, they began to add fresh, new content, in the form of blogs and new pages, to their site on a consistent basis. The new content also included infographics and videos. They also began to post regularly on social media. Lastly, they made it a priority to obtain reviews from past clients to help build trust.

This content marketing strategy delivered big results, and the business will continue to implore these strategies.

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