Open Road Integrated Media – Using Story + Search to Reach Readers

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Open Road Integrated Media Is a Prestige Content Brand Delivering Digital Experiences That Entertain and Inform Readers Around the World

Brand storytelling is great when you’ve got a multimillion-dollar budget and endless possibilities for creativity. But not every brand is that lucky; most have little with which to make an impact, especially if they’re small or hitting a very limited niche. It gets worse when a minor budget needs to make a splash in a crowded space, such as the book market. Few succeed; even fewer survive to become household names.

So how do they do it, those lucky few author success stories? How do they engage in storytelling to stand out from the crowd?

Open Road Integrated Media (OR/M) is a digital media company curating own content and that of others for their growing consumer audiences knows authors and knows readers.

“We saw an opportunity,” says Mary McAveney, CMO, “which was that there were audiences of readers looking for their next book, and authors and publishers who did not know how to connect with them.”

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With 10 million impressions every month and 1.2 million newsletter subscribers, OR/M reaches highly engaged groups of readers through 6 consumer branded websites and newsletters, 31 social channels, 263 Facebook accounts, and two direct-to-consumer subscription products.

“We began as an eBook publishing company, but soon saw that we could generate sales of books and products based on our consumer demographics and purchase habits,” McAveney continued. “We now fulfill our audiences’ demands for content with our own works as well as those of external partners.”

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OR/M serves its audience needs, enabling new monetization, while helping publishers, brands, and authors reach audiences and sell more, leveraging its consumer marketing and sales expertise in multiple ways including eBook promotions (features in newsletters); content marketing (showcasing books and authors on one of its targeted digital properties) and 360-degree marketing (a white glove service that provides complete marketing of titles).

Open Road Integrated Media is a prestige content brand delivering digital experiences that entertain and inform readers around the world; their network of digital properties produces compelling stories that keep audiences engaged—across devices and around the world.

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