Location Sciences’ Launches Verify to Authenticate Location Data Accuracy and Precision

Verify Will Protect Advertiser Investments and Highlight the Market’s Best Players 

Mobile location intelligence company, Location Sciences, announced the launch of Verify, providing advertisers independently authenticated insight into the accuracy and precision of their location-based advertising campaigns.

Leveraging first-party data and proprietary technology, advertisers and agencies use Verify to understand location signal and POI radius accuracy, footfall, audience profile matching, and optimise their location media campaigns. It ensures the advertiser gets what they believe they are paying for.

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Mark Slade, CEO, Location Sciences, said: “With location data, the reason mobile spend has grown so prolifically, it’s important we ensure brands remain confident in the supply chain. I am therefore delighted to announce the launch of Verify, our location and audience authentication solution. We are uniquely placed to launch this product, as we are independent, media agnostic, with direct, GDPR-compliant, first-party data.”

He continued: “We know there are some excellent location providers in the market, however, the opaqueness of location data and programmatic execution, combined with the significant premium for location-based inventory, means the market is open to abuse.”

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Interest in this solution has come from across the industry, with brands, agencies, publishers and others in the programmatic value-chain keen to address this challenge, as well as a number of trade associations expressing an interest in the results. The intention is to begin releasing supply benchmarks and campaign guidelines once initial trials are complete.

Slade concluded: “Location data is an inherent and essential facet of mobile, with 42% of all media campaigns using location as either a targeting destination or audience proxy. It is therefore essential that we work with the entire value chain to ensure the veracity of this unique data source remains intact. As with brand safety, viewability and ad fraud before it, the case for independent verification of location data is now clear.”

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