Role of Translation Services in Brand Communications During a Crisis

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How Translation Services Have Become Hyper-Critical for Global Businesses Facing a Pandemic

Having a quick access to accurate information has always been critical to any business enterprise facing a crisis situation; and that’s a salient point that the current COVID-19 pandemic is driving home for us with frightening urgency right now. Fortunately, great strides have been made in translations services velocity, thanks partly to the emergence of robust automation and AI-supported process that help disseminate information for markets around the world.

Why is translation so important?

Because businesses, even small and mid-sized ones, are competing commercially on a global scale.

Translation of product information, sales information and even technical specifications, must be done for multiple languages and cultures.

Improvements in translation services have been sparked by globalization and the need to communicate with customers across the world. According to a US Cross-Border E-Commerce Report from PPRO, e-commerce grew by about 4 percent last year to a current 2020 evaluation of $412 billion. But the COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the need for internal communication within these global organization, information on the very act of conducting business itself.

In the face of the pandemic, companies now need to share more than product specs and marketing materials to their vendors and customers globally.

The pandemic emphasized a need to share critical COVID-19 related business information – such as new operational practices for employees and updated service offerings for customers.

And businesses have had to get this information to their audiences with high velocity.

Responding to this need, Pactera EDGE has launched a translation service platform that lets businesses respond rapidly to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and can quickly help translate COVID-19 related information, accurately, into multiple languages for distribution to global audiences.

Highlights of the non-profit service include 24-hour turnaround and a highly-automated workflow that’s quality checked by a global team of expert linguists, coordinators, and project managers.

And because this platform has been created to help the business community endure this challenging time, Pactera EDGE is donating all profits from the service to pay the salaries of people impacted by COVID-19 and to hospitals and institutions specifically treating COVID-19 patients.

Businesses must do their best to adapt in order to stay relevant and successful. As we navigate this uncertain time, communication is key for the global enterprise when it comes to employees, partners, vendors and customers – and they must do so as accurately and efficiently as possible.

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