Daily MarTech Roundup: Latest Marketing and Sales Technology News, Product Announcements and Insights

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Today’s Daily MarTech Round-up covers the latest in Cloud, Marketing Analytics, Automation, Customer experience, AI and ML announcements from maaiiconnect (Customer Experience), GumGum (Video), 141Live (Influencer Marketing), ArvzApp (Mobile), and John McAfee (Unified Communication).

maaiiconnect: How to Transform Customer Experience With Technology

Happy customers drive sales. Recent research finds that customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience (CX). As customers are no longer only comparing products and prices, CX is the key differentiator that businesses are competing on. But investing in the right software to improve CX isn’t easy when people take into account customer interactions across various channels and touchpoints. 96% of people think businesses need to improve communication.[1] Many brands are failing or falling behind due to poor touch point experiences, and it’s clear that a lot of desperate situations could have been avoided with better CX and communication tools.

GumGum and IRIS.TV Introduce Contextual Targeting Solution with Image Recognition for Video

GumGum, a leader in machine learning contextual solutions for media, and IRIS.TV, a global video intelligence platform,  announced a partnership that brings new image analysis capabilities to video content segmentation. The partnership – uniting two companies dedicated to advancing a data privacy-first future for digital advertising – allows marketers to use Verity, GumGum’s unique content-level contextual intelligence engine, to target and anti-target inventory across thousands of IRIS-enabled publishers.

141LIVE Brings a Unique Influencer Platform Changing Live Streaming and Video Calling As We Know IT

Japanese startup 141Live (pronounced as ‘One For One Live’) is launching a video based social media platform, a platform that will make you do both live streaming and video calling in a completely new way. The uniqueness about the platform doesn’t end with the combining of two great features of video calling and live streaming; but it’s also going to help influencers from around the world to make money using the platform’s special video streaming features. Thousands of social media influencers from Japan are already using the beta platform and the company is announcing their plans to launch their service to Europe and America this month.

ArvzApp Releases App to Help Businesses Connect to Customers in Real Time

ArvzApp was created to enhance mobile business engagement. The mobile app enables businesses to keep in touch with their customers through the current rapidly changing times. Customers and travelers can be informed of guidelines, procedures, and hours. Proprietors control and upload high-quality photos and video clips with options for live streaming. QR codes are generated for businesses to enable hands free menus and customized options. With a custom QR code feature, ArvzApp is the alternative to a paperless solution.

John McAfee Launches World’s First Private Cell Phone Data Service

Technology legend and two-time presidential candidate John McAfee has announced The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service, the first 4G data service to make connections to the network untraceable. McAfee is looking for members of the media interested in beta-testing the service, which is slated for global launch in September.

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