maaiiconnect: How to Transform Customer Experience With Technology

Happy customers drive sales. Recent research finds that customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience (CX). As customers are no longer only comparing products and prices, CX is the key differentiator that businesses are competing on. But investing in the right software to improve CX isn’t easy when people take into account customer interactions across various channels and touchpoints. 96% of people think businesses need to improve communication.[1] Many brands are failing or falling behind due to poor touch point experiences, and it’s clear that a lot of desperate situations could have been avoided with better CX and communication tools.

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maaiiconnect provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for customer engagement and internal collaboration. By choosing the right solutions and investing in the right tool, a business can strive for digital maturity and thrive for decades to come.

What should businesses consider?

Start asking some hard questions to get to the bottom of the current situation.

1.  What do customers need? What channels are they using, now and in the future?
2.  Is there a need for external or internal communication tools? Or both?
3.  Is there old/ current data and conversations to migrate?
4.  What data and analytics are needed? How can these reports support the business decision?
5.  What tangible impact will it have on sales and customer experience?
6.  Is it secure? Where is the data stored, and is there end-to-end encryption?
7.  What is the timeline for implementation? When is it needed?

Identify and prioritise the must haves, and need nots. Make use of free plans and trials to experience the tools first-hand before committing. maaiiconnect Essentials Plan is a free package with all the web-based communication features needed to create powerful customer experiences.

Use live chat to curate intelligent customer experiences, globally

Customer satisfaction rates for live chat interactions are 98%, higher than all other channels.[2] As a touchpoint for online customer service, shoppers value the instant connection and users can leverage the additional data to design stronger experiences.

But not all live chats are created equal! maaiiconnect is a customer engagement software that combines telecom and digital channels. With a unique dashboard and insights, businesses can easily access data to transform customer experiences through a live chat widget that includes live chat, web call, video call, SMS, virtual numbers, and international toll free numbers.

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Combine traditional telecom channels with the latest digital features

Check whether the solutions can be integrated with other software/ systems that the business uses, and which communication channels are available; such as web communication, traditional telecom, and social media. If the staff may work from home, cloud-based solutions typically can be used anywhere and on multiple devices for team collaboration and customer engagement.

65% of employees are not engaged at work due to confusing communication systems and processes.[3] Don’t create new bottlenecks by adding more layers, as consumers pay the price with slow response times and shift business to competitors.

Companies that communicate effectively can see sales increase by 20% with a 4.5x increase in staff retention,[4] proving a clear link between strong team collaboration channels and better customer experience. maaiiconnect enables stronger team collaboration via rich feature-set such as voice call, file sharing, group chat, screen sharing, video conferencing.

Look for a secure business communications tool with one dashboard

Using a single dashboard that converges all the telecom and digital channels the customers use, along with team collaboration tools, is an effective foundation to begin improving customer experience.

With many businesses using multiple international toll free numbers, virtual numbers, social media accounts, video conference services, chat widgets, SMS solutions, etc., costs pile up and staff get stretched juggling everything. A unified omnichannel communication solution such as maaiiconnect is the future of business communications, keeping costs down with customisable packages, and an easy to use all-in-one dashboard. The platform is backed by a proprietary infrastructure that is 100% compliant with telco and international security standards in data encryption, compliance, backup, and authentication.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Register now and try the maaiiconnect Essentials Plan free of charge to transform your customer experience.

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