BIGG Digital Assets Inc. Subsidiary Netcoins Enters into Partnership With BBTV to Launch Pay To Crypto, A Premium Solution to Pay BBTV Creators at Scale in Cryptocurrency

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (“BIGG” or the “Company”), owner of Netcoins ( (“Netcoins”), the online cryptocurrency brokerage that makes it easy for Canadians to buy, sell, and understand cryptocurrency, and owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group ( (“BIG”), a leading developer of blockchain technology search, risk-scoring and data analytics solutions, is pleased to announce a non-exclusive partnership with BBTV Holdings Inc. to launch Pay To Crypto, a premium solution to pay BBTV creators in cryptocurrencies.

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BBTV is a global media and technology company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The Company’s mission is to help content creators become more successful. With creators ranging from individuals to global media brands, BBTV provides comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to increase viewership and drive revenue powered by its innovative technology, while allowing creators to focus on their core competency – content creation. In January 2021, BBTV had the second most unique monthly viewers among digital platforms, with more than 600 million globally who consumed more than 50 billion minutes of video content, the most among media companies.

By leveraging Netcoins’ Restricted Dealer License, as a legal and regulated Crypto Trading Platform in Canada, BBTV will be able to quickly and seamlessly pay their content creators in crypto. This offering uses Netcoins Platform as a Service model, whereby Netcoins enables 3rd party partners to enter the crypto economy for faster and easier payments or trading, with their own customer base.

Mark Binns, BIGG CEO, remarked, “We are thrilled to work with BBTV to enable this unique payment system, built on the Netcoins infrastructure and licensed offering. We see this as a first mover opportunity for BBTV, and utilizing our existing scale to offer excellent prices and seamless technology integration, sets BBTV up to be the leader in crypto payments to content creators.”

“Web3 is a big part of the creator economy already, from social tokens to NFTs and cryptocurrency. This is just one step that BBTV is taking to pioneer Web3 solutions for creators in this fast-emerging segment of the creator economy,” commented Shahrzad Rafati, Chairperson and CEO, BBTV. “Receiving a portion or all of their monthly earnings in crypto helps creators further diversify their income. Creators have been really vocal about their interest in entering the Web3 revolution, and we’re very proud to lead the way as their strategic partner. We’re very excited to provide Pay to Crypto leveraging Netcoins as a strong platform.”

Marketing Technology News: BBTV Launches Pay To Crypto, A Premium Solution to Pay Creators at Scale in Cryptocurrency

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