Share Creators Software Unveils a New Enterprise-Scale Software Called Orange, a Digital Assets Management Solution.

Do you have trouble backing up your company files? Or several months after backing the large size files, you can’t find it? What if your team member changes their job? Can you find the files?

These types of issues affect a lot of companies, big or small.
Media for Orange
Media for Orange 

While consumers can instantly upload video and digital assets to the cloud, the professional gaming industry, film, and TV production crews still rely on hard drives or local servers. There’s a good reason for that: Those productions use much higher-resolution & high-quality digital assets, which means that the files are enormous. The problem is that they cannot be easily found after backing up those files or are too large to move to the correct location.

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Problems like these bothered art managers including Ada, the founder of Share Creators. That is why we started to work on Orange to find an efficient solution.

Orange gets around that by uploading assets that are not nearly as bandwidth-intensive.

For the first time, it can now be uploaded on an Ipad, as the Share Creators team demonstrated with the Orange platform by creating concept art that was accessible a few seconds later from a computer on the other side of the world.

That means that collaboration no longer has to wait on the movement of hard drives. Digital Assets uploaded anywhere to Orange can then be collaborated on via Orange.

The software suite is also integrated with popular editing software like Photoshop and Unity. And since the digital asset has the same version and metadata as the original, any edits can be synchronized once you store it in Orange.

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In addition, Orange allows team members to write their comments simultaneously. All team members can share their opinions from different sides of the world.

“Nowadays we have enormous digital assets, in 2020, every person-generated 1.7 megabytes per second, it just is great that you can find it when you need it” explained the CEO of Share Creators Software “choosing a right enterprise search engine that will be useful for many years increase when you engage with multiple stakeholders.”

And while the company started to develop this technology before the pandemic, the CEO said, “It turns out there’s even more of a need for this now, while remote work is likely to persist in the wake of the pandemic.”

Orange software has already been used by several gaming companies, including the developers of “Fish Hunter Champion.” It’s a famous fishing game, and by using Orange, producers and artists were able to effectively work side by side using the correct version, find anything in a second, even while working remotely.

“It was our prediction to create an intelligent digital asset platform that organizes all the digital assets and maximizes accessibility for all size businesses, and we came in at the right time to help the professional gaming industry, film and TV production, ” the CEO of Share Creators Software, Ada Liu said.

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