Campaigner Launches “Campaigner SMS” to Help SMBs Create Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Campaigner, the email marketing brand of J2 Global, Inc. , announced the launch of “Campaigner SMS,” a new product to help companies send SMS messages using their same customer list in Campaigner. This new SMS marketing product transforms Campaigner into a multichannel marketing platform for email and SMS marketing. Marketers can use an integrated platform to build, manage, analyze, and test their email and SMS campaigns. People check their phones 85 times per day on average, and SMS messages have 6-8 times higher engagement rates than email.

Campaigner SMS gives customers the ability to send SMS messages on a standalone basis or to integrate SMS messages into their email marketing campaigns. Campaigner’s SMS messages can be used by almost any industry and are especially useful for online retailers, brick and mortar, restaurants, insurance companies, professional practices, and other businesses that need to send personalized, targeted, 1:1 messages to their customers.

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“Campaigner is now a multichannel marketing automation platform, helping our customers to expand their reach and to have an instant and direct, 1:1 communication channel with their customers,” said Bodhi Debnath, Senior Director of Marketing for Campaigner. “Our new SMS product is built to drive sales and revenue using advanced marketing automation, intuitive reporting, and powerful personalization. Campaigner’s customers now have an even stronger platform ready to help them send high-impact marketing messages via email and SMS.”

A recent survey by Campaigner of nearly 150 marketing leaders across the US found that there is a significant growth opportunity for companies to adopt SMS marketing. The survey revealed that while 56% of marketers said they will use SMS marketing strategies in 2021, many are still getting acquainted with its possibilities for sending SMS messages to customers.

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The Campaigner survey found:

  • We’ve only just begun. 25% of marketers will be trying SMS marketing for the first time in 2021, and 67% rated their own knowledge of SMS marketing as “fair” or “poor.”
  • Marketers have big room for improvement. Only 26% of marketers graded their brand’s use of SMS marketing as “Excellent” or “Good.” 24% said their companies’ use of SMS was “Fair; we have work to do” or “Not good; we need a lot of help,” and nearly 50% said that their brand’s use of SMS was “terrible/non-existent.”
  • While not yet king, SMS integration is in the court. 27% of marketers (the largest response of any category) said they are integrating SMS with other marketing channels (such as social and email) in 2021.

“With a 92% engagement rate, SMS together with email marketing from one application is categorically the most effective way to personalize and automate interactions with your prospects or existing customers for maximum ROI,” said Alaa Gedeon, VP, Sales & Marketing for Campaigner.

Campaigner SMS is designed to integrate with email marketing and lets clients create multichannel workflows to target customers by sending SMS instead of or in addition to email. Clients can use Campaigner as a single platform for SMS and email. It provides businesses with robust segmentation options to create personalized SMS messages based on personal data and customer engagement with email campaigns and other SMS messages.