DigDev Direct Announces Solution for California Email Marketing Campaigns

The California marketing landscape is changing. DigDev Direct announces an opt-in email product line to help marketing teams reach consumers without offending them

On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect. Legislators continue to press to expand the laws and protections included within the act. Today, DigDev Direct, a leading digital marketing firm, announces solutions.

DigDev Direct offers a robust suite of opt-in email marketing tools. Every message sent within the system includes explicit opt-out instructions to help consumers stop further outreach.

These tools could be crucial for companies hoping to stay competitive within California.

“The best email marketing tools help companies avoid harassing or upsetting their customers,” says Thomas Manfredi from DigDev Direct. “Consumers are very sensitive about their information, and they’re tired of companies acting unethically just to make a sale. Our tools ensure that companies can stay competitive while keeping potential clients happy.”

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The CCPA doesn’t include explicit rules about email marketing. Most marketing teams focus on the website data collection portion of the bill.

But it’s clear that privacy protections are growing more and more important to consumers in California. And consumers in other states are looking for opportunities to get the same level of protection in their homes and offices.

“We’ve seen a sea change in consumer opinions regarding data and outreach,” says Thomas Manfredi. “To say customers are sensitive is a deep understatement. In this environment, companies that send unwanted email risk ruining their reputations. And angry customers may never change their minds and come back.”

“The best email marketing tools take these concerns into account. Ours certainly do, and we’d love more companies to work with us,” says Thomas Manfredi

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Before appearing on any DigDev Direct email list, a consumer must give explicit permission to receive email notes. Customers can withdraw that permission at any point, and there are no hoops to jump through.

“We’ve managed to balance a customer’s desire for privacy with a company’s need for robust outreach,” Thomas Manfredi says. “This is where email marketing is going, in California and all across the country. We just got there first.”

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