Email Marketing Company Emma Delivers Solution-Driven Integration with Venga

This Venga Dine Integration is Part of Emma’s Partner Program to Build Best-Breed Tech Stack for Restaurant Marketers

Emma, a provider of best-in-class marketing software and services, announced integrations with guest analytics platform partner, Venga, featuring their restaurant industry solution Venga Dine. With the only 3rd party OpenTable-POS integration on the market, Venga unlocks actionable visit, purchase, and social data so restaurants are empowered to nurture guest experiences and advance operational performance. This innovative integration, available through Emma’s leading email marketing and automation platform, demonstrates how users can deliver more personalized guest experiences, to drive repeat guests and consistently increase average spend per cover.

“Restaurants today are challenged to provide premier guest experiences. It’s easy to overlook key details, like authentic personalization, while also keeping guests satisfied and encouraging repeat restaurant goers,” said Winston Lord, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Venga. “Emma’s integration with Venga is the only solution that truly empowers restaurants to maximize guest data and sincerely understand the individual needs of their guests.”

“In the restaurant industry, it’s challenging to find an integrated, single view of our guests and how that relates to the collective. Being able to tap into Venga and see if the loud voice represents the whole, helps us to direct our focus,” said Lauren Keeton, Director of Digital Marketing at Fox Restaurant Concepts. “We’ve been able to analyze feedback and insight on things that matter so dearly to our hospitality hearts, and what’s more important is that we can provide our teams on a shift-by-shift basis singular knowledge on their upcoming guests to better serve them and provide an experience that goes above and beyond.”

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Emma and Venga customer, Patina Restaurant Group, a national leader in the fine-dining segment, utilizes the partnership’s capabilities to successfully:

  • Create custom guest segments (e.g. champagne drinkers, steak eaters, VIP, frequent guests) on the Venga dashboard and sync the lists to Emma
  • Personalize email content by segmentation to better engage with the intended customer
  • Measure the impact of emails through Emma’s reporting analytics and demonstrate email’s direct impact on the business through Venga’s connection to the POS and reservation data
  • Experience an increase in response rates because of Emma’s integration with Venga

“This is a really exciting and important partnership for us. Emma is having a lot of success in the restaurant industry, and this partnership with Venga will enable those restaurants to increase engagement with their customers and build brand loyalty through more personalized interactions,” said Wellford Dillard, CEO of Emma. “We provide marketers with a powerful set of solutions and resources to make them successful, and we’re focused on continually adding value to all of our customers. This integration with Venga provides an innovative technology solution that will have a big impact on our customers in the restaurant industry.”

The integration is free and available to all customers utilizing Emma & Venga Dine.

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