Factoreal Empowers Engagement in Email Campaigns and Whatsapp Through Two New Features

Building on the effectiveness of its already industry-leading omnichannel marketing platform, Factoreal has unveiled two new features to help businesses better connect with their customers.

The first feature announced by Factoreal for its all-in-one customer engagement platform is the ability for businesses to hyper-personalize their email campaigns according to customer segmentation.

Instead of dividing up customers according to funnel stages or location and creating new campaigns for each, the new feature allows businesses to incorporate targeted content into a single, universal campaign. By utilizing dynamic content blocks in Factoreal’s easy-to-use email editor, users can personalize nearly any content block to align with a segment’s interests or pain points.

Campaign owners can go into the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, click on their desired content block, and set display conditions based on demographic attributes such as age, location, gender, and interest, or customer behaviors like products purchased, order status, and last order date.

The feature would allow a business to send a general email to a mass audience while incorporating elements only a chosen few could see. For instance, if a company wanted to send their email campaign to customers across the nation but also advertise local promotions, the new dynamic content feature could be set to display local information only to the relevant customers in that area.

“Customer segmentation is a sign that a business understands its audience,” said Factoreal CEO Aditya Dhruva. “Most email platforms penalize businesses for understanding their customers and make segmentation a long, complicated process. We wanted to make it more convenient for companies to create multiple email variations without the hassle of creating multiple campaigns.”

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“Customer segmentation is a sign that a business understands its audience,” said Factoreal CEO Aditya Dhruva.

Whatsapp for Commerce

The second new feature being rolled out by Factoreal enables businesses to better connect with the over 2 billion users on Whatsapp. Much like the personalization in Factoreal’s email tools, the “Whatsapp for Commerce” feature empowers users to share single and multi product catalogs and drive sales, support & marketing conversations on the world’s most popular messaging app.

Whatsapp for Commerce also enables businesses to easily showcase their products and services. Depending on a customer’s interests or inquiry, businesses can automatically share single or multi-product replies containing up to a selection of 30 items from their integrated Facebook business inventory. Customers can then browse and add items to cart without leaving the chat. By streamlining the customer journey and purchase process through a single channel, this new feature reduces cart abandonment, increases conversions, and keeps shoppers engaged.

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Personalization and Engagement with Factoreal

Factoreal’s two newest features indicate exactly how they want to help businesses grow. With Factoreal’s help, small to medium-sized organizations can still compete with larger enterprises that invest thousands of dollars more in their campaigns — all by leveraging automation and personalization.

While other companies are wasting valuable time building dozens of individual email campaigns for their customers, Factoreal empowers businesses to send personalized messages quickly, easily, and with minimal effort — even during sales, events, or holidays, when marketing teams are stretched thin. With each new feature, Factoreal is creating more straightforward ways for customers to shop and more efficient ways for brands to connect with their audience, saving businesses both time and money.

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