Kenscio Partners With eDataSource to Launch ‘Email Analyst’ for Competitive Intelligence

‘Email Analyst’  is The New Game Changer in Email Marketing Competitive Intelligence and Inbox Tracking

Kenscio Digital and eDataSource have partnered to launch a revolutionary competitive intelligence and inbox product called the ‘Email Analyst’, which will enable organizations to monitor their email marketing campaigns and keep up-to-date on competitor strategy. The companies will collaborate to deliver advance intelligence and inbox deliverability to email marketers, with Kenscio being the exclusive partner for ‘Email Analyst’ product suite in India and the APAC.


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While eDataSource is a leading global provider of performance insights and analytics for email marketers, inbox delivery, and customer activity, Kenscio has created a niche for itself as the market leader in email marketing in India.

The Email Analyst suite includes four powerful components known as —

  1. Competitive Tracker
  2. Inbox Tracker
  3. Design Tracker
  4. Analytics Tracker

These play an important function in increasing customer engagement metrics and managing email market intelligence.

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The Email Analyst changes the rules of email-centric customer engagement by offering the following features —

  • Tracks email marketing intelligence and provide a stream of accurate data in real-time
  • Detects issues and optimizes email delivery into inbox
  • Gives live alerts and notifications to keep marketers up-to-date on Deliverability Status
  • Monitors important metrics such as Engagement Levels, Read Rates, and Deletion Rates
  • Pretests email marketing campaigns for any technical issues or broken links
  • Helps to compare brand’s email marketing performance with direct competitors
  • Conducts speedy pretests across all format – desktop, mobile, and web
  • Increases brand message engagement by gauging keyword performance and sender metrics

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Kenscio’s Email Analyst suite is the perfect tool for the modern email marketer that will help organizations remain a step ahead of their competitors. Competitive Intelligence applications are the future of marketing. It has been proven that marketers who harness the power of market intelligence instruments generate three times the revenue of those who don’t, highlighting the need to make sure that customer data is available quickly, accurately, and in the real-time.

Currently, Kenscio offers innovative marketing technology solutions to brands and enterprises by enabling personalization and one-to-one communication through Digital Marketing, Big Data, Analytics and creative based solutions and services.

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