Litmus Launches New Features to Streamline the Creation of Personalized Brand Experiences

New capabilities empower marketers to create personalized, agile, and scalable brand experiences

Litmus, a leader in email marketing, announces new capabilities to empower marketing teams to create personalized brand experiences quickly without any additional resources or headcount. New capabilities include Dark Mode Detection, tools for brand consistency and advanced user permissions, and additions to the Email Previews testing suite. Now, practitioners can utilize advanced insights to make data-driven segmentation and optimization decisions, and safely scale agile, on-brand email creation across their teams to speed up time to market and drive conversions.

Right now, marketers are under immense pressure to do more with less and hit marketing and business goals while marketing budgets and resources tighten. With a greater emphasis on efficiency, Litmus’ new capabilities help marketers do more with email, which drives the best results. It’s why 77% of marketers say email is one of their two most effective marketing channels and, furthermore, 78% of marketing executives indicate email marketing is vital to the overall success of their company. Users value the efficiency that comes from making templates, reusable code snippets, and brand colors available in one centralized spot to help scale flexible, on-brand production.

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“At VSP, we send an average of 50 email campaigns per month, across a handful of sub-brands. Before Litmus, our build time took hours, if not days. Thanks to Litmus, we can build the whole email in half an hour,” said Donnel De Leon, digital automation developer at VSP Global. “With so many emails in flight at once, we needed to create efficiencies in our workflow without sacrificing quality. Litmus Builder and Design Library empower us to do just that. We can ensure the quality brand experience that comes from making all resources, from templates to reusable code snippets to brand colors, available in one centralized location. This helps us scale flexible, on-brand production across all sub-brands.”

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With new Dark Mode Detection in email analytics, brand settings, advanced user permissions, and email clients, the Litmus platform continues to impact the entire email marketing cycle, allowing marketing teams to put email first:

  • Dark Mode Detection: Users can now receive advanced insights into their email list subscribers’ Dark Mode usage. With this feature, they can optimize email design and development efforts where it matters to provide a great subscriber experience.
  • Brand Settings and Advanced User Permissions: A quality, consistent brand experience is key to building customer trust and driving results. With brand settings and advanced user permissions in Litmus, users can safely scale agile, on-brand email creation across the entire team to get more effective emails out, faster.
  • Newly Supported Email Clients: Teams can ensure their emails look great in the latest additions to the Email Previews testing suite—including the latest iOS fleet—in Litmus.

“With budgets being watched with an extra careful eye, marketers must spend time and resources carefully, while not losing sight of what makes their brand great,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “These new capabilities empower marketing teams to create the personalized brand experiences their customers are accustomed to while working with the resources and headcount they already have. Litmus customers can leverage advanced insights to make data-driven segmentation and optimization decisions while safely scaling agile, consistently branded email creation across teams to speed up time to market and drive conversions.”

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