MageMail Launches Its Next Generation Email Marketing Product

MageMail Releases a Revamped Email Marketing Product Along with a Refurbished Website

MageMail officially launched its next-generation email marketing product. Redesigned from the ground up, the new SaaS platform was made available to a select set of customers in December and is now available to the entire market of Magento based e-commerce businesses and agencies.

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“We’re ecstatic to announce our new product, formerly known as v3. It’s a fundamental redesign of the user experience and underlying architecture that brings with it more speed and scalability, an intuitive UI, enhanced analytics, improved campaign segmentation, and deep integration with Magento. Rather than becoming a general email marketing platform, we continue focusing on solving the very specific problem of keeping customers returning to online stores and buying more. It’s what customers are asking for, and they have been highly successful with MageMail according to their feedback and the data we receive,” said Erik Bullen, CEO, MageMail.

Highlights include:

  • Fast Install: Once the free MageMail API Connector (included in all subscriptions) is installed in your Magento store, you’re ready to configure campaigns.
  • Deep Integration With Magento: Full compatibility with Magento 1 and Magento 2 allows powerful and custom filtering as well as access to store performance.
  • Beautiful Emails – No Coding Required: An elegant, drag-and-drop email editor to quickly design beautiful and responsive triggered, transactional, and marketing emails that render on any device.
  • Email and Popup Templates: Up to 26 email and popup templates including abandoned carts, wishlist reminders, win-backs, exit intent, and newsletters. Get even more pop-ups with MageMail’s sister product, GrooveJar.
  • Intelligent Segmentation: Create and run automated campaigns – either triggers or marketing blasts – targeted at specific buyers based on past behavior, demographics, location, and other criteria.
  • Powerful Performance Insights: The new dashboard is loaded with visualized, real-time analytics about the store, campaigns, products, email deliverability, and industry stats.
  • Class-leading Customer Service: Free onboarding, training, and ongoing campaign performance monitoring and optimization from our e-commerce email marketing experts.
  • Performance-Based Model: Pay for results. The simple, results-based pricing based on a percentage of sales attributed to MageMail lowers risk, helps to scale, and ensures that everyone is invested in the customers’ success.

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In line with the release of the new product, MageMail has also released a redesigned website – that includes one of the industry’s top e-commerce blogs – and has launched an official agency and technology partner program that benefits partners and their clients.

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