FreeWheel And Partner To Enable Localized Programmatic Inventory

Provides Local Marketers and Agencies The Ability To Execute Programmatic Campaigns of Any Size Within Existing Workflow

FreeWheel Advertisers, a leading advertising software technology firm formerly known as Strata, announced that it has integrated’s demand-side platform into its software. is a programmatic platform purpose-built for localized campaigns and allows buyers to optimize audiences to local needs in real-time.

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Through FreeWheel Advertisers, campaigns of any size can now use’s platform to optimize their local target audiences. By leveraging unstructured data, the platform offers buyers a clearer look at the data driving their campaigns to better inform their choices and empower their mobile, video, display and native campaigns at the localized level. This integration provides the 1,200+ advertising agencies using FreeWheel Advertisers’ systems with even more options to reach their key audiences.

“FreeWheel Advertisers leads the industry in advertising technology solutions for local buyers and sellers, so we are always on the lookout for collaborations that bring efficiencies to this market segment. With, we are able to make localized programmatic access to our digital buyers regardless of their expertise level in executing programmatic campaigns. We are also excited to partner with our clients on extending their TV audience reach online through’s programmatic video options,” said Joanne Miguel, Vice President, FreeWheel Advertisers.

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“ is excited to partner with FreeWheel Advertisers and make programmatic advertising easily accessible to all of their users. This partnership provides FreeWheel Advertisers clients with seamless access to the localized programmatic solutions delivered by, including geo-fencing and customized audience targeting across mobile, desktop, and video inventory. We look forward to a great partnership,” said Frost Prioleau, CEO,

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