Announces Integration Between DataValidation And PieSync

This Partnership Is DataValidation’s Second Integration with a Web-Based Automation Service

US-based technology startup announced that it is partnering with PieSync an email list cleaner service and DataValidation and i.e a two-way real-time synchronization platform. Through the partnership, DataValidation gives its users the benefit of streamlining their data across multiple online apps.

Dina Duma

“We identified a real need for companies and marketers alike to have their most current data validated and synced to their Email Service Provider in real-time. As DataValidation has solidified its status as a premium solution for quickly, securely and easily validating email lists, it has become clear that we are in the perfect position to address this problem. Our partnership with PieSync will have a direct and positive impact on our users’ ability to seamlessly sync validated lists with the services of their choice. Our ongoing commitment to provide the best experience for our users with industry-leading features and integrations makes DataValidation the ideal fit for companies looking to stay in compliance with best practices and anti-spam policies,” said Dina Duma, Operation’s Head,

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Alexander Rus

The partnership benefits PieSync and DataValidation subscribers and offers access to native integration that takes advantage of the opportunities both platforms have to offer. “Having our service made available to PieSync’s growing user base and being able to use their technology is valuable because it powers DataValidation’s ability to help businesses get the best results out of their email marketing efforts. It expands our own application and makes it compatible with an impressive array of consumer and business oriented products,” said Alexander Rus, Sales Head,

PieSync improves sales, marketing, and service performance by easily and affordably connecting contact data without complexity across SaaS-based ecosystems and applications to guarantee relevance and reliability. is an Atlanta-based technology startup innovating the email compliance and deliverability space as well as the company developing DataValidation.

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