Lead Liaison Debuts Standalone Event Lead Capture And Management Solution

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Lead Liaison, Debuts a Standalone Solution to Help Capture and Manage Leads at Marketing Events, Powered by GoCapture

Lead Liaison announced a new event lead management solution powered by their event lead capture app, GoCapture!. Previously, GoCapture! was only available as an add-on to the company’s robust marketing automation platform, Lead Management Automation (LMA). Now, the solution stands on its own, providing businesses with everything needed to manage leads before, during, and after any trade show or marketing events. It also seamlessly integrates with their free CRM, called OneFocus, and marketing automation platform, or any third-party CRM or automation supplier.

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Kathleen Chance

TOMRA Sorting Solutions was one of the first to make use of this standalone solution. “After reviewing multiple lead capture companies, TOMRA began working with Lead Liaison and tested GoCapture! at a number of US and European trade shows. Lead Liaison has been amazing to work with. During these tests, Lead Liaison was available to assist and we were able to make a number of adjustments on the fly based on live feedback from our sales team on the trade show floor,” said Kathleen Chance, Sales & Marketing Support Manager, TOMRA.

GoCapture! allows users to customize forms, quickly capture pre-qualified leads onsite, and then immediately segment, tag, follow up, and nurture those leads without missing a beat. What makes Lead Liaison’s solution particularly unique, is that they do not restrict usage across all users, mobile devices, back office users, and events. No other lead capture app on the market does this.

The sales and marketing solution provider wanted to offer this as a standalone solution because the company had the chance to offer a unique business model. There is nothing in the market that has the flexible license structure and unlimited usage options that Lead Liaison offers. Even companies that offer similar solutions have very restrictive business models when it comes to a number of users, devices, and events.

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Ryan Schefke

“It was a natural extension to what we do. We saw a gap in the market and an overall need. No event lead capture solution has a native integration with marketing automation and CRM. Before our solution, companies would hack together forms and solutions from their marketing automation provider. Nothing was purpose-built for marketing events. We wanted to be the first to market with this unique solution. Having a single platform to manage your event creates efficiency gains as one system manages all aspects of your workflow from point-of-capture to customer – with no limits,” said Ryan Schefke, Customer Success Manager.

Information can be collected by scanning a badge, scanning a business card for transcription, auto-populating from a list, or having the lead fill out a form at a kiosk. The app works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Lead Liaison’s event lead management solution also hosts a powerful “back office,” through which the leads can be imported, synced, segmented, tagged with appropriate event information, enriched with social data, and placed into a nurture campaign.

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