Valhalla: The Enterprise Content Hub To Modernize Your Web Stack

The solution proves itself to be a must-have for organizations wanting to update their web architecture while also dealing with the reality of Legacy APIs

Imagine a world where large enterprises had a seamless way to manage all of their content—one in which developers wouldn’t have to experience the pain of creating a website across a myriad of sources, writing queries, refetching data, or making a compromise between run-time fetching and build-time rendering. As of today, we are making this a reality.

Introducing Valhalla: The Enterprise Content Hub that makes content synchronization a breeze.

Valhalla provides a centralized repository that gives enterprises an architecture for managing content across a variety of sources—making it accessible via a unified GraphQL API for building content sites, eCommerce platforms, and both native and web applications. The frontend frameworks you know and love; Next.js, Astro, Svelte, Remix, and of course, Gatsby are supported.

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“Valhalla allows our team to connect multiple CMS or eCommerce systems and then gives us an API to use that data however we want. We can use this content in a frontend framework like Gatsby and then again in a mobile framework like React Native; all while using the same GraphQL queries and React components. Valhalla will drastically speed up our implementation time and make our projects easier to maintain,” says David Disch, Director of Technology at Desarol.

Valhalla hasn’t just piqued the interest of folks such as David who are leaders in the technology space, but also the likes of established open source product agencies, such as, Mediacurrent.

“It’s a no-brainer to choose Valhalla for our next website project so we can minimize trade-offs and technological risk in these projects. It makes it an easy fix knowing that regardless of which content management system or even which frontend framework we’re using—Valhalla will help our team scale the headless web without compromises,” says Mark Shropshire, Senior Director of Development at Mediacurrent.

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