Visme Expands Its Offering to Include Infinite Whiteboard for Enhanced Collaboration

All-in-one visual content creation platform, Visme, has augmented its functionality with the addition of a digital whiteboard feature.

All-in-one visual content creation platform, Visme, has augmented its functionality with the addition of a digital whiteboard feature, allowing users to create and collaborate on projects in real time. With this launch, Visme doubled down on its pursuit to be not just a design tool, but rather an entire content creation, collaboration, and sharing platform for businesses, brands, and solopreneurs alike.

Given the myriad of ways businesses use the platform, Visme knew a whiteboard tool would be invaluable for team collaboration on projects at each stage – from brainstorming and ideation to development and design.

This launch reinforces Visme’s aim to be all a business could ever need in terms of content creation, “How convenient would it be to just have one platform that integrates seamlessly with your business, that you can use to create anything you can think of – that’s what we’re trying to offer,” said Visme CEO and founder Payman Taei.

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Visme aims to empower teams to simplify their tech stack and streamline their design and marketing processes, cutting through the clutter. Today, there seems to be a business tool for every single task, each of which aims to improve efficiency or productivity. However, juggling multiple tools and switching between them to complete a project can actually deter effective collaboration and lower productivity.

Why manage a handful of different tools and expensive subscriptions when you can thrive with just one?

Like the rest of its platform, Visme’s whiteboard is perfect for beginners and non-designers. With a low learning curve and an intuitive interface, users can easily brainstorm, sketch and design in seconds. To get started, users can browse through the collection of pre-designed whiteboards for the most frequent use cases, or create their own empty whiteboard. After selecting a template, they can add their content, customize design elements, collaborate with teammates, and share via a variety of formats.

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Visme’s whiteboard tool makes it easy to collaborate with team members in real time, with all changes reflected instantly. Users can also enjoy all of the software integrations featured in the Visme dashboard, including Slack, Google Drive, Loom, Hubspot, and more, allowing for a more seamless whiteboard experience. Visme allows users to go beyond simple whiteboards and embed anything they can imagine, including tweets, web pages, google sheets, and tables – all connected to live data.

When thinking about collaboration with colleagues, a traditional, physical whiteboard is most likely what comes to mind – people brainstorming, coordinating efforts on a project, annotating, and problem solving all on a single surface. This mainstay, however, only works when all parties are in the same room, which isn’t very practical given the more hybrid and flexible nature of businesses these days, not to mention a physical whiteboard’s inability to download, save, or share your work. Hence the advent of the digital equivalent of this invaluable tool. Visme’s digital whiteboard technology enables collaboration across teams and time zones, all while avoiding the endless back-and-forth email threads previously necessitated by collaborative projects.

Visme’s whiteboard tool is available to all plans, including free, but a few templates and integrations are available exclusively to business and enterprise users.

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