WeAre8 Launches Content Marketplace For Brands To Access Constant Funnel Of User-Generated Content

WeAre8, the platform that enables brands to invest directly in their real consumers and build individual relationships at scale, announced the launch of its Content Marketplace, a cost-effective model for brands to access a constant funnel of authentic and high-quality user-generated content created by real fans. Through the Content Marketplace, brands can submit a brief to millions of targeted consumers and purchase individual pieces of unique content, or log in at any time to see a growing arsenal of branded content created by their most enthusiastic advocates. Brands own the library of content and can repurpose it to populate their social channels and other owned properties.

“We believe people are the most powerful creators on the planet,” said Sue Fennessy, CEO and founder of WeAre8. “The way they express their feelings for brands they love is compelling and authentic – and far more powerful than what a brand says about itself. Humanizing social channels with content from real people is quickly being embraced as a replacement to the traditional influencer model.”

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In 2019 so far, over 100,000 people on WeAre8 have been sponsored for doing what they naturally do anyway: creating and sharing content. Powering millions of dollars in brand sponsorships paid directly to the people, WeAre8 changes the game by giving brands unprecedented access to their real consumers and placing those people at the core of the marketing model. The WeAre8 Content Marketplace provides further access for brands to tap into the creative power of the people.

In addition to people submitting content for the brand, brands can sponsor millions of people to share content that they provide, with results and performance tracked across social. Brand sponsors on WeAre8, including fashion brands, charities, and CPG brands, see a 100% increase in engagement rate compared to typical campaigns.

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“Through our content marketplace, brands can grow their content libraries while also building their communities. Plus, the brands get to put money back into the pockets of their fans,” Fennessy said. “In a world where everything has become so transactional, bombarding people with ads and emails in exchange for conversions does little to establish relationships with customers. The future lies in partnering with millions of people to extend brand reach. When you sponsor people and value their creative voice, they become powerful, authentic advocates.”

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