Zoomd Uses Creator Generated Content To Drive ROI-Positive User Acquisition Campaigns Globally

Zoomd Technologies Ltd. With more than 50 million people considering themselves creators globally, according to research from SignalFire, and American kids nearly 3x more likely to aspire to be a YouTuber than an astronaut, Zoomd turns to creators on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook to create video ad content to run across multiple channels and platforms.

Dubbed Creator Generated Content or CGC, these video ads created from video content submitted by selected creators/influencers run across all social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook (and not exclusively on that influencer’s channel). Therefore, video ad content created by a YouTube creator might also run on Instagram or TikTok, etc. (though each platform receives creative optimized according to the platform’s best practices).

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At Zoomd, the process begins with the development of a creative concept including identifying the target audience, preferred UA platform channels, campaign, and content creation guidelines. Creators are selected based on their experience and matched with the brand and its target audience. Once the creators have been identified from the community used by Zoomd, they receive general production guidelines to create raw video content using their green screen which is then edited by Zoomd into a video ad campaign.

Zoomd’s Creator Generated Content activity increased dramatically during the pandemic when it was more difficult for app and game developers to shot video campaigns. With markets now starting to open, the trend towards working with creators is still increasing as game and app developers realize the value of Creator Generated Content as an ROI-positive solution for user acquisition campaigns.

Though Zoomd provides creators with recommended guidelines – suggested benefits to highlight that are relevant for their users – the real value of Creator Generated Content is the authenticity that the creators bring to the content they create. Based on their experience, they speak about the app or game with an authentic voice that encourages prospective users to download and try the app. This authenticity has enabled Creator Generated Content campaigns to achieve strong user acquisition KPIs.

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Once the creative is approved, Zoomd’s media team implements the User Acquisition media plan through the company’s campaign management platform and the recently launched Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Utilizing Zoomd’s patented technology, CGC campaigns benefit from automated prediction as part of the recommendation algorithm to reach the most relevant, safe-listed audience. After initial A\B testing, the creative is tested and optimized for best performance and can be quickly changed\adapted by Zoomd according to the results.

Clawee, a mobile game enabling users to control a real claw machine to win prizes shipped to the user’s doorstep, turned to Zoomd for a Creator Generated Content video production to generate new video ads and refresh their video ads inventory to attract new global users for the gaming app. The CGC campaign utilizing creator video content sourced by Zoomd generated a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 50% more than their previous benchmark. The Cost Per Install (CPI) decreased by 40% while the Installs Per Thousand (IPM) were 152% higher than with Clawee’s previous video ads. The overall campaign generated an increase of 36% Day 7 Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

“Zoomd, through their innovative Creator Generated Content program, have done an incredible job in helping us combine branding activities with a killer performance, through highly cost-effective creative collaborations,” said Abigail Karlish, Product Manager, Gigantic Ltd.

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