Zappi, the ad and innovation testing platform built by brands for brands, today announced the launch of Zappi Amplify TV, a groundbreaking tool in advertising insights. Developed and validated by leading global brands such as PepsiCo and Johnsonville, Zappi Amplify TV introduces a new approach to TV advertising that was built to empower brands to predict how their ads will perform in today’s media landscape. This is the first of a system of advertising pre-testing solutions that form the Zappi Amplify Ad System.

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To maximize return on their investment, advertisers need to accurately predict the impact of their ads before they go live, and make any optimizations necessary to ensure they take the best versions to market. And because advertising can drive both short-term sales and long-term brand equity, brands need to predict an ad’s impact on both.

Zappi’s ad testing method takes the very best of traditional ad testing approaches, together with fresh methods, to produce a robust prediction of ad effectiveness on sales and brand equity. Zappi Amplify TV focuses on transparency, consistency and actionability of outputs, rather than “black box” IP and complex analytical frameworks, to deliver more accurate in-market ROI predictions that are 70% faster than legacy competitors.

Stephan Gans, chief insights and analytics officer at PepsiCo, said, “Creative effectiveness is the most important element in driving sales and long-term brand growth, and the increase in media channels and consumer touchpoints meant that legacy insights tools were not reflecting the way consumers are consuming media. The collaboration with Zappi has already demonstrated huge business impact and has raised the bar on creative effectiveness year-over-year, significantly improving the ROI on our media investment.”

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With Zappi Amplify TV, brands can:

  • Upgrade their ad research for the modern world: Advertising has to stand out in a world that’s becoming more noisy every day. Existing research methods are a good start, but Zappi’s Amplify methodology builds on the best of those approaches to help brands land ads in today’s landscape.
  • Predict advertising ROI with greater accuracy: Zappi has tested more than 2,000 ads from some of the largest global brands. The Amplify TV approach was significantly more accurate at predicting in-market advertising ROI than legacy models from Kantar and Ipsos.
  • Move fast without sacrificing depth or affordability: Brands need answers fast, at a reasonable price so they can test their ads as often as it takes to nail it.

Steve Phillips, Zappi’s chief executive officer, stated, “I’m delighted to announce Zappi Amplify TV. It’s a groundbreaking new solution that is already allowing our customers to better predict their advertising performance and produce winning ads every time.”

A system of solutions leveraging the same Amplify methodology will be launched within the coming months to help brands test their digital advertisements and storyboards.

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