Morphio Doubles Down on Intersection of Marketing and Finance

David Bunce Appointed CEO to Drive Next Phase of Growth for AI Innovator

In just 12 months, Morphio has acquired more than 2,400 customers across 81 countries as digital marketers validated the need to manage digital advertising better and reduce manual data analysis with artificial intelligence.

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In a move to further accelerate growth, Morphio has appointed digital agency veteran and (CPA) David Bunce as CEO. Bunce will guide the AI-powered MarTech product more profoundly into the crossroads of marketing and finance, currently an under-served space. Bunce will leverage his unique combined experience of digital agency leadership and financially-focused marketing to propel Morphio forward and capitalize further on this gap in the market.

The marketing-finance gap

Bunce said, “For too long, marketing and finance teams have operated in silos, and business performance has suffered as a result. Morphio connects the analysis of marketing activities and financial results to help brands and agencies make smarter and faster decisions — together.”

Morphio Co-Founder Eric Vardon will step aside from his duties and guide Morphio to transition and support the new CEO.

Vardon said, “We have listened to the overwhelming voice of our customers and can confirm that marketing teams across the world all face similar challenges to efficiently audit, monitor and analyze their digital data through an integrated finance and marketing lens.”

“Bunce’s professional accounting experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and proven track record and over seven years of agency growth will help Morphio expand its financially-focused product development — and this strategic direction — will help further differentiate Morphio and move the product towards the FinTech space and out of the crowded MarTech space.”

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The proof is in the process

Building on seven years of professional accounting experience at PwC, including a management role for PwC’s auditing practice, Bunce joins Morphio from one of NA’s fastest-growing marketing agencies, Arcane. Bunce was an integral leader at the agency that enhanced financial understanding throughout the business and implemented strategic collaborative data processes.

Bunce said: “Working as Chief Operating Officer for a high-growth digital marketing agency has given me an intimate understanding of the daily pain that agency owners and finance leaders face making better financially-focused marketing decisions. Organizations of all sizes need to increase the transparency and effectiveness of their financially-focused marketing decisions, and Morphio already has a foothold in this space that we will build on.”

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