123FormBuilder Launches Its Mobile App And Offline Forms

Mobile App Has Cross-OS Functionality That Allows Users to Upload Files and Photos or Submits Forms Even Without Network Coverage

123FormBuilder, a platform for creating online forms, has announced the launch of its new mobile app available for iOS and Android OS. In addition to that, the company has unveiled an exclusive feature that allows users to fill forms or upload files from places with no network coverage.


The 123FormBuilder Offline Forms are developed and designed for field agents. Their work implies the collection of data via mobile devices which has an innate risk of low or mostly no network coverage. With Offline Forms, they can now submit data that is saved on their mobile devices automatically. Once the device is in the vicinity of coverage, all of the data and submissions are synchronized automatically. This makes the deliverability and collection of data more reliable and secure than it was before.

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Features with Robust Security and Automation

The advanced security features of Offline Forms are designed to secure data while at rest or in transit. This means that enterprises responsible for supervising sensitive information can trust proactive, spare, and impervious layers of security.

The usage of forms is unlimited in nature. Right from complex onsite processes that revolve around MROs to salespersons managing on-field leads, all of it can now be documented in an effortless, streamlined manner.

Therefore, railroad verification, repair of power lines, infrastructure and construction work, and all such forms of MROs can be included as elements within automated, offline workflows.

An Optimized Mobile App

The 123FormBuilder mobile app is created and optimized with regards to mobility. Be it the advanced features or user interaction, every bit was developed by the Timisoara, Romania-based company in tandem and collaboration with the expertise of professionals from different fields.

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Alexandra Dragchici

Alexandra Dragchici, Product Manager, 123FormBuilder, said, “The numerous user requests for offline capabilities determined us to rewrite our mobile app from scratch and to add a very powerful offline component. We believe that data collection is of tremendous importance for the success of any business and that this process shouldn’t be impacted by whether or not an internet connection is available.”

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