ironSource Creative Management Solution Luna Labs Releases ‘Elements’, A No-Code, Interactive Ad Builder

ironSource, a leading business platform for the App Economy, announced the launch of Luna Elements from its creative management solution, Luna Labs. Elements allows game studios to build interactive, playable experiences in a matter of minutes, without requiring any development expertise or resources. Extending Luna’s current creative management offering, Elements complements Luna Playable, which is already in use by studios to create rich ad experiences, and it further supports the suite of ironSource products that help developers turn their apps into successful businesses.

Luna’s technology allows app developers to create, manage and optimize their playable and video ads at an impressive speed and scale. Now Luna has taken its learnings from thousands of top-performing ad creatives and distilled them into a gallery of playable templates that enable studios to instantly create, easily iterate and quickly test a large volume of high-quality interactive ads, without handling code. Elements works in parallel with each studio’s existing playable strategy, allowing it to further increase creative output and maximise performance.

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“Playable ads are an integral part of developer success, but the associated time and resources needed to implement this tactic have been a barrier to many,” says Adam Stevens, Vice President of Product at Luna Labs. “With the launch of Elements, we’ve removed the need to handle code, enabling anyone on the team to instantly create an interactive ad – further enhancing the studio’s ability to find a winning creative.”

“At ironSource, we are committed to democratizing app development for all, regardless of resources or technical expertise,” said Omer Kaplan, CRO and Co-Founder at ironSource. “The launch of Elements is an important step on that journey as it will make it easier for game studios of all sizes to create world-class interactive ads.”

“We strive to be at the forefront of technological innovations in the creative space, and we’re excited to be one of the first studios to experience Luna Elements,” says Cemal Gunusen, Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer, at Coda. “In three weeks, we significantly increased the number of playables tested, which noticeably improved the overall effectiveness of our creative strategy.”

Elements joins Luna’s existing product suite, including Playable and Replay, all of which support the creative production process. All developers using Elements will also have access to in-ad analytics and multi-network support.

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