Ogury Acquires Adincube to Extend Monetization Capabilities for Mobile App Publishers

Acquisition Fuels Strategic Expansion, Helps Publishers Accelerate Commercial Growth

Ogury, the leading mobile data company, announced the acquisition of Adincube, a leading mediation solution for mobile publishers. With the Adincube integration, Ogury further solidifies its standing as the only solution for publishers to accelerate commercial growth and use automation to holistically monetize their apps.

Adincube uses artificial intelligence to integrate all demand partners without compromising user experiences or taxing publishers with labor-intensive processes to manage inventory buys. Its unbiased algorithm identifies predicted earnings from all performance campaigns, converts them to an accurate CPM and selects the highest yielding ad at the moment an impression is served. This boosts publishers’ ad revenue by an average of 218 percent.

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With this acquisition, Ogury is now the first to provide a holistic platform that spurs commercial growth for mobile publishers by offering the following suite of solutions:

  • Active Insights, the newly launched solution that helps publishers discover coveted insights on user behaviors and app performance within the entire mobile ecosystem
  • Adincube, which monetizes 100 percent of their inventory with AI-powered optimization
  • Augmented Monetization, which maximizes the value of their impressions with qualified, data-enriched inventory
Thomas Pasquet

“Publishers can’t keep up with the ever-changing tech stacks, yet the mobile landscape continues to expand with solutions that only address the symptom of a larger industry problem,” said Thomas Pasquet, co-founder and COO. “Acquiring Adincube enables Ogury For Apps to become an all-encompassing solution that provides real value to publishers in an already complex marketplace.”

Ogury’s mobile data feeds into Adincube’s multi-level, machine learning algorithm. With every impression served, the algorithm becomes more intelligent, optimizing ad revenue on a user-by-user basis.

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Jonathan Ferrebeuf

“Despite the overabundance of mobile tech solutions, publishers still can’t scale and monetize without hindering user experiences,” said Jonathan Ferrebeuf, Adincube co-founder. “By combining it with Ogury, we’re excited about new opportunities to help drive growth for publishers and providing them with actionable insights driven by high-quality, clean data.”

Since the company launched in 2014, Ogury has enabled publishers to serve premium brand ads with the highest CPM rates by using its robust user data to simplify brand monetization.

Dave Macli

“At Audiomack, we needed a solution that allows us to fill all our inventory at a premium price, with top attractive brands, and to do this simply and efficiently,” said Dave Macli, CEO of Audiomack. “Ogury’s hyper-targeted brand awareness ads –powered by the use of consented data – pay extremely high CPMs. And best of all, these ads don’t annoy users, or drive users away to install other apps! For almost a year now, Ogury has been one of our most important monetization partners.”

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